James from My 600-lb Life season 2 has lost more than 500lb
James Jones. Picture: 750lb man's last ditch effort to avoid the same ill fate as his obese father and sister

James from My 600-lb Life season 2 has lost more than 500lb

Season 2 of My 600-lb Life introduced us to Texan-born James Jones, who weighed in at the start of the show at a huge 728lb. James was the first to admit even he couldn’t fathom how much weight he had put on.

James’ acceptance of his issues meant he was able to have a successful weight loss journey after admitting the reason he joined was he didn’t want to end up like his father and sister, who passed away from obesity-related issues.

We’re here to recap James’ journey and tell you where he is and what he’s up to now. Keep reading to find out more about one of the show’s most successful guests.

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Luxe Listings Sydney | Season 2 Official Trailer

Luxe Listings Sydney | Season 2 Official Trailer
James Jones. Picture: 750lb man’s last ditch effort to avoid the same ill fate as his obese father and sister

James lost half his body weight in a few months

Not only did he enter the show for help, he also moved across the state to Houston to take part in Dr Now’s programme and lost the weight needed to qualify for a gastric bypass.

By the time James was a teenager, he was weighing in at 280lb and, after seeing his family lose their lives to their weight, James knew he wanted more for himself.

After only a few weeks of eating almost nothing but eggs and toast, he managed to lose 54lb meaning he could qualify for surgery.

According to The Cinemaholic, he had a gastric bypass and fans were shocked and over the moon for James when he weighed in at 376lb at the end of his episode – almost half the weight he was only a few months before.

James faced another health scare

After losing and maintaining his weight, James faced another big health scare later in life that wasn’t related to weight.

In 2019, James had to undergo spinal surgery after he broke his back in a horrific car accident. Doctors told him he was lucky he wasn’t more badly injured. James told Starscasm:

I went off the road a year ago and flipped my F350 back across a four-lane highway. Broke my c2 [vertebra] and both collar bones.

James Jones, Starscasm

James has fully recovered and is continuing to enjoy his new lease of life after shedding more than half his body weight. However, he still has to be careful as he has undergone two serious surgeries in his life.

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James is an advocate for Obesity Action Coalition

James appears healthier than ever on his social media accounts and says he has a much better quality of life since making the necessary changes in his life. We don’t have an update on his specific size but, from seeing his pictures, we can see it’s a lot.

James’ personal battle with obesity isn’t the only thing he fights for in his life as, on his birthday in 2020, he asked his followers to donate to the Obesity Action Coalition instead of sending him gifts.

James has also mentioned in his Facebook bio he has finally met his soul mate and is working on a new business.



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