90 Day Fiancé star Josh Weinstein has returned to the Single Life after his partner Natalie Mordovtseva decided to call things off on the latest episode of the TLC reality show.

Things came to a head after Natalie, 37, confronted Josh in Monday’s episode, telling him she was upset about him leaving for a work trip after they slept together.

But Josh explained that he simply has other things to do and can’t be by her side every second of the day.

Natalie confronts Josh

On the last day of what was supposed to be a romantic week together in Los Angeles, Natalie told Josh how she was really feeling.

She told cameras she’d been hoping that the trip would bring them closer and they’d talk about “his commitment” and “kids”.

She told him: “Josh, I come here, you sleep with me and after you tell me, ‘bye’. OK, go.”

He tells her he has to go to work but she continues: “I f***ing put all in the map. All. I’m in a different country, I don’t have work. I’m still married. I f***ing do this s**t for you.

“And you f***ing don’t even have time for me. Go.”

Josh tried his best to apologize, telling Natalie he cared for her and was going to give her some time to cool off.

But it seemed to be too little too late.

Natalie said in a confessional: “The problem with Josh, he’s not emotional man. And whatever he says, he says very calmly. I cannot read him. It’s new, strange, too complicated.”

Josh said he was “at a loss for words” and that Natalie knew he had a deadline and had to work during that week.

He added: “I think she wants me to be this normal guy that is just running after her, and I’m not 15 years old. I can’t just be running after people all the time. I have things that I have to do.

“I care for her, I do. Even though I don’t know what’s going on with her, I still care for her and I’m gonna check up on her and make sure she’s OK. Whether or not she accepts that, I don’t know.”

Josh then rushed off saying he had a flight to catch.

Natalie gets angry

Natalie was left on the bed and feeling extremely angry. She said she couldn’t understand why Josh wouldn’t take her with him.

She said: “He has plenty of meetings with beautiful girls who travel with him. I don’t understand.

Natalie talks to the camera on 90 Day: The Single Life
Natalie talks to the camera on 90 Day: The Single Life | Credit: 90 Day Fiancé

“For me, sex is serious. If I sleep with him, it means I consider him as the father of my kids.

“I would never be involved with a man, go to f***ing bed, if I didn’t consider him as my man and father of my kids. Why would I do it to myself? He f***ing uses me. Piece of s**t.”

Natalie later confessed to the camera that it was over between them, saying: “I don’t think he’s coming back. And I definitely didn’t expect things to end this way. He broke my heart.”



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