The Roloff family are always sharing updates on their lives, even when they aren’t busy filming Little People Big World. So when Tori shared a picture of hers and Zach’s youngest child, Josiah, at five months, fans were overjoyed.

It was on October 4th when Tori took to Instagram to show their latest son smiling away in bed. Instantly, her followers could not believe how much he resembled his older brother Jackson, as well as their granddad Matt Roloff.

She gives a social media update at every month milestone, following his birth on April 30th 2022. He was born at 9:02am, weighing 7 lbs 6oz and at 19 1/2 inches long. Fast-forward five months…

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Tori shares update on Josiah

Tori took to Instagram on October 4th to celebrate Josiah turning five months old. He technically turned five months on September 30th, but fans didn’t mind – as long as they got their monthly update of him!

She shared some facts about their youngest son, which included that he now sleeps in his own room, but still doesn’t want to sleep without waking up his parents at 4am every morning.

The LPBW star added that he has begun eating solid foods like oatmeal and sweet potatoes, and when it comes to exercise, has started rolling and figuring out how to move around. He even loves having a good soak in the bath!

LPBW fans think he looks like Jackson

As soon as Tori shared the snapshot of Josiah at five months, Little People Big World viewers were quick to notice just how much he looks like his older brother Jackson, who is five years old.

One fan wrote: “O my, he’s another Jackson from head to toe it looks like. He’s so adorable, you guys have beautiful babies no doubt.. 💜❤️💜❤️💜.”

Another penned on Instagram: “He looks like his big brother!! 😍.”

“Looks just like Jackson ❤️,” reacted a fellow viewer. Some have also noted that he looks like his granddad, as well as Jacob Roloff, but it is clear that the majority see Jackson’s features in Josiah’s smiley face.

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Josiah Roloff’s life so far

Josiah Luke Roloff arrived almost three weeks early, which Tori thought was the “best surprise”. He bonded with his siblings Jackson, who wants to hold him constantly, and Lilah, who is so concerned he will miss his “Binkie or blanky”!

He enjoys being active at night and sleeping during the day. By one month, Josiah had never missed a meal, was having longer moments of alertness, and loves to look at his family.

By two months, the youngest of Tori and Zach’s children weighed almost 12 pounds and had began enjoying car rides, but didn’t love sleeping for longer than 3 hours or having a dirty diaper.

Three months in, Josiah was almost 13 pounds and loved being spoken to, but wasn’t keen on giving smiles away too easily. Then when he reached four months, he was at 96th percentile for weight and smiled for his siblings constantly!

Now, he is five months old as of September 30th and is set to turn one on April 30th 2023.


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