Welcome to Plathville star Kim has been focusing on herself recently, which saw her revisit her dancing days and even open a studio which teaches ballet and belly dancing. Let’s look at her weight loss transformation.

Before Kim ended her 24-year marriage to Barry Plath, she realised that looking after ten children had meant she lost herself along the way. So to get her roots back, the TLC mother decided to go back to what she always enjoyed.

Growing up, the TV personality was a dancer. Realising she had left behind her passion, Kim revealed on season 4 that she has decided to start going to the gym every day and had begun “taking care of” herself.

Kim Plath’s weight loss

Kim has significantly dropped the pounds since she began going to the gym and focusing on dance classes. During a May 2022 episode, she admitted she had “lost herself” and said in a confessional:

Raising 10 children over the course of 20 some years, I feel like in many ways, I kind of lost myself in that process. And so now, I have been taking care of myself. Making it a priority to go the gym every day and I feel really good.

As a result of her transformation, the TLC star has been wearing mini skirts and showing off more of her body. Kim also pulled out her high heels and clearly had a newfound confidence. The change surely didn’t go unnoticed by viewers.

One fan suggested on Reddit, “I think that with losing the weight she did and getting fit, being around fit and mostly younger people at the gym, she started looking at her life and it no longer looks like what she wants.”

She opened her own dance studio

Kim has opened Grady Central Dance Studio in Cairo, Georgia. The location offers belly dancing, stretching and ballet classes, and comes from her drive to have “always wanted adult ballet classes”.

Although she could drive to another area to take part in classes, Kim revealed that it is easier to buy a building and “do it yourself”. Appreciating how solid the ballet bar is, her goal is to include the community in her new space.

Since opening the studio and visiting the gym every day, Kim said she is “enjoying being in my body a little more”. However, her now ex Barry questioned whether her weight loss would affect her “mentally [and] emotionally.”

Where did Kim go to college?

Kim went to Florida State University for college. Since then, she has become a self-described “naturopathic doctor,” which involves the TLC star encouraging others to seek out natural remedies rather than traditional medicine. 

However, when she was studying, Kim majored in music. This has become a large part of the way she brings up her ten children, alongside hers and Barry’s strict rules of religion and tradition.

She wasn’t always conservative though, as Kim used to be ‘wild’ in college. During an episode of Welcome To Plathville, Kim revealed that during college, she would drink and take drugs, which led to going through “rough times”.



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