After Sister Wives‘ Christine revealed her decision to leave, Kody consequently told his other partners he’d be “head of my household again.”

The latest episode of Sister Wives finally revealed the moment Christine Brown announced her choice to exit the reality family. It’s been a long time coming, as fans have known about the split since the 50-year-old’s statement in November 2021, claiming she had “grown apart” from Kody.

However, viewers were finally able to see the moment the other Sister Wives were told due to the delay in filming.

Christine’s shocking news left Meri, Janelle, and Robyn in disbelief, who claimed the separation would also affect their 18 kids.

Desperate to avoid the situation again, Kody has vowed to become “head of my household again”. He then asked his four wives to “conform to patriarchy”, which they didn’t “sign up for”.

Christine wants out of the plural marriage

Christine Brown tells her family and Sister Wives she is leaving the plural marriage
Screenshot from The Wives React to Christine Leaving! | Sister Wives | TLC YouTube

Christine was the third wife to join Kody’s polygamous relationship. After getting introduced by her sister in 1990, the pair went on their first date in February 1994 and were engaged the same day. They spiritually tied the knot on March 25, 1994.

After nearly three decades together, Christine has called it quits.

“It’s no secret that Kody and I have been in a rough spot for a long time,” she told the Sister Wives.

“I have decided to leave Kody. It’s a hard decision. I need to make a choice for happiness.”

Christine then added: “I need to make a choice to have joy in my life and peace, and there hasn’t been a lot of hope at all until I decided to leave. I feel strongly this is the best choice for me.”

“I’m in shock. I can’t tell … it’s not really computing,” Robyn admitted in a confessional. “It’s not really making sense right now.”

Christine reassured the group that her six kids will still maintain relationships with their plural siblings.

“I think that this is still family, it’s just going to look different,” she added.

‘We made a commitment’

Meri, on the other hand, was seemingly bothered by the announcement.

“Each one of us made a commitment to each other,” Meri said. “To all of us. That we would love each other. That we would respect each other.”

She continued: “That we would stick through it thick and thin and we’d work these things out. Come on, you guys, can’t we get our heads out of our butts?”

Meanwhile, Janelle knew it was inevitable: “I intellectually knew this was coming. But here we are today. It’s hard to know something and then to actually have it happen.”

Although Kody has struggled with the truth, he understood Christine’s situation. The TLC star said: “I think that I was spread so thin and she needed a certain level of attention, it led us to where we’re at and plural marriage just hasn’t worked for her for many, many years.”

In 2021, Kody explained the D-word (divorce) would never come from his mouth as he stands by “working it out”. “We’ve been doing counselling for seven years,” he previously told ET.

Christine currently resides in Utah with her youngest daughter, Truely, 12.

Kody is taking back control of the Brown household

Meri Brown sits with her fellow Sister Wives outside in the yard as she listens to Christine
Screenshot from The Wives React to Christine Leaving! | Sister Wives | TLC YouTube

Frustrated at his failed marriage, the father-of-18 is desperate to make his remaining relationships work.

“I’m going to be the head of my household again,” he vowed after Christine’s announcement.

“So, I’m not going to be circumvented in that. If everybody is willing to conform to patriarchy again, I guess.”

Claiming that he’s been “fighting to make everybody happy”, Kody is convinced taking control will resolve any issues.

Janelle wasn’t on the same page. “Yeah, I didn’t know I signed up for patriarchy. That’s not what we all agreed on in the beginning,” she told the cameras.

Fans are equally upset over Kody’s comments, alleging “Meri, Janelle, and Christine ran that family for YEARS”, while Robyn gave her husband more control.

“Wtf is wrong with this guy?” another follower complained. “The schooling he gave his ‘wives’ during Christine’s goodbye Kody reveal to them was insane! Everyone must respect the Patriarchy or be banished from the kingdom.”



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