Kris Foster on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is no stranger to marriage, as she’s tied the knot twice before making her TLC debut. Her job involves working as a parking attendant alongside her relationship with Jeymi.

As Kris gets to know Jenmi, the mom-of-two has been raising eyebrows as she gets set on buying a new weapon in Colombia in the upcoming 90 Day Fiance episode, which leaves her partner seriously confused.

Kris admitted that she’s “always carried some sort of weapon” while looking at a tactical knife before a shocked Jeymi says in a confessional: “Oh my God, she is a psychopath.” So who is Kris and what is her job like?

Meet 90 Day Fiance’s Kris Foster

Kris on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is a mom-of-two from Haleyville, Alabama. She has been in a long-distance relationship with Jeymi for over a year – but the two had not met until they reached 12 months together!

Jeymi and Kris met online and had a long-term engagement until Kris packed her bag for Colombia. The women are set to marry just nine days after Kris moves abroad to live with Jeymi.

During their longest period without contact, Jeymi actually met someone new on the same app where she met Kris. She dated someone for a month, while Kris has ghosted her partner a few times in the past.

Kris was married twice before Jeymi

Kris has been married twice, both short marriages to men, ahead of the TLC show. Before the move to Columbia, she lived in Alabama with her two children, daughter Starr and son Dayne, in her mother’s house.

“I got pregnant at 16,” she explained in a teaser clip shared by People. “The very first time I had an intimate relationship.” Jeymi is now the first woman she’s been in a serious relationship with.

She revealed she has waited 40 years to openly be in a relationship with a female. Her two children support Kris’ relationship with Jeymi but weren’t too happy that she had to move to be with her.

Inside the TLC star’s job

Kris has spent the last few years as a parking attendant for the University of Alabama. She helps people attending the establishment for game shows find their space and even goes out in the pouring rain to fulfill her duties.

She actually quit her two jobs to move across the world and live with Jeymi, after selling her house in the United States. Kris has also been navigating how to get medical care in Colombia without a job.



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