Laura Perez has seriously dropped the pounds after sharing her weight loss journey on My 600-lb Life. Fast-forward to 2022 and thanks to Dr. Now’s help, the TLC star looks like a whole new woman!

She is one of multiple participants who weighed around 600 pounds and desperately wanted to improve their lives. Therefore, in a bid to lose some weight, they are placed on a strict diet and exercise regime by Dr. Now.

Laura went from strength to strength after first entering the show at the peak weight of 594 lbs, while wheelchair-bound. She had the determination to keep going and eventually hit her target!

So where is Laura since filming the show? Has she maintained her healthy lifestyle? We’ve got all the details.

Laura on My 600-lb Life

Laura told of her rough childhood, where she claimed she was sexually abused when she was five years old. She never told her parents she was being touched inappropriately and began eating large amounts of food for comfort.

However, it was seriously damaging her health and she faced having to spend the rest of her days in a wheelchair and using an oxygen tank. After she met Dr Nowzaradan, she knew she had to give up her addiction to food.

Laura underwent weight loss surgery but there was a complication and she battled pneumonia that almost killed her. However, Laura was able to regain her energy. Even though she achieved her goal, her marriage was then under strain.

Her TLC weight loss journey

Laura lost the 50 lbs she needed to drop for weight loss surgery. During the procedure, Dr. Now realized Laura’s spleen and liver were still enlarged, which meant the bypass was completely impossible.

Instead, he performed a gastrectomy which removed 80% of her stomach. By the end of her episode in 2015, Laura had managed to lose 237 lbs – making her end weight 357 lbs in total.

During her follow up, she revealed that she has managed to shed more than 50% of her initial weight by losing 336 lbs and therefore was qualified for the gastric bypass surgery. Laura also planned to have a skin removal procedure.

Where is Laura Perez now?

Laura went from a peak weight of 594 pounds all the way down to 182! She also ended up splitting from ex-husband Joey but she is now in a happy relationship with someone else.

She revealed that while she wanted to become more independent and find a job, Joey wanted her to stay at home like she used to before. This later led to their marriage breaking apart and so they decided to separate.

The TLC star has since found love in the arms of a new man named Eric Juarez, as per Starcasm, who she married in 2018. They are now married and have two children together.

Screenshot: Laura Doesn’t Know If She Sees A Future With Joey | My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?, tlc uk YouTube



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