Lennie Alehat joins Whitney on MBFFL as her ‘helper’ and ex-boyfriend

Lennie Alehat joins Whitney on MBFFL as her ‘helper’ and ex-boyfriend

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans will most likely know of the iconic Whitney Thore but what about her ex, Lennie Alehat? The artist and former boyfriend made his debut on the show in August for season 10 of the show where he helped Whitney with her online fitness videos. 

Whitney’s decision to hire her ex to work for her left her friends worried that it could rekindle their former relationshi although Whitney thought otherwise and said it was strictly professional. 

As viewers get to see more of Lennie, they want to know more about him, and we are here to provide you with all the information.

Who is Lennie Alehat?

Lennie Alehat is an artist whose work can be found on his Instagram account, which has more than 18K followers. He even takes “art commissions” for his work.

He has over 900 posts on his page and most are of either his artwork or his pets. Lennie’s art focuses mainly on landscapes, however, he sometimes does portraits as commissions or pictures of his pets. 

Whitney is also featured in a picture on his Instagram from when they were filming the latest season of the show. In the caption, he labelled her his “best friend” so it goes to show that the former partners are still extremely close. 

Lennie has already been on an MTV show 

The artist and ex-boyfriend isn’t making his TV debut on MBFFL as he has already appeared on a previous MTV show. 

Lennie was a part of the iconic and incredibly popular show, Catfish, which revolves around people using fake identities online.

On Catfish, a woman named Chelsea believed she was talking to Lennie online, but the hosts were unsure. However, when they reached out to the artist, Lennie confirmed that he was actually talking to Chelsea.

Lennie and Whitney dated until 2016 before parting ways. However, he did appear in a few episodes of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Now, Lennie will be working alongside his ex-girlfriend Whitney on season 10 of the reality show.

Whitney juggles her ex-boyfriend with her current boyfriend 

Season 10 of MBFFL is full of drama and one of the things fans are most excited to see is how Whitney navigates her relationships with her current partner as well as her ex, Lenny. 

In the show’s trailer, when Whitney goes on a trip to Saint Lucia with her brother, friends, and ex Lennie, she seems jealous of Lennie dancing with some other women. Interestingly, her brother Hunter and friend Fish can sense her jealousy. Whitney says:

Lennie can do what he wants, I’m not jealous.

However, while working together, Whitney clarified her feelings to Lennie, saying there is no chance of rekindling their relationship as she is dating her French boyfriend. In the confessional, she told the producers of My Big Fat Fabulous Life:

I just really want to clear up, though. Like, our relationship is not even weird. It’s not even inappropriate. Of course, luckily my boyfriend is very not jealous and very not worried about you at all. I showed him a picture of you and he was like, ‘Oh, never mind. I’m fine.’



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