Little People Big World‘s Matt Roloff had put 16 acres of Roloff Farm up for sale, before deciding to turn it into a holiday home. However, he had originally offered the acres to son Zach – and fans are divided over whose right.

Matt and Zach’s feud played out on the TLC series, which led to lots of family drama. Zach had shown interest in buying the 16 acres but Matt said they were “in very different camps about what kind of a deal could go on.”

He added in a confessional: “Zach came in real hot. He didn’t come in to negotiate. He came in to demand.” After he make the decision to put it on the market for $4 million, the two didn’t completely agree. So what are fans saying?

Matt and Zach’s farm sale feud

Matt and Zach feuded after the Roloff son put forward his desire to purchase 16 acres of the farm. Matt claimed that his sons were offered the opportunity to buy the land as shared owners, but it was “more than I [Zach] can afford.”

Speaking on LPBW, Zach said: “The price my dad is quoting us is more than I can afford. I had a starting point and it was based on what my dad bought my mom out for. This amount was very high.”

After that, Matt said they “decided not to consider working together toward a possible joint sale”, before the Roloff father listed the 16 acres of farm land for sale to the public in 2022, which is no longer on the market.

Matt said he and Zach now talk daily

Matt revealed that he talks to Zach every day during an Entertainment Tonight interview. He said that, when episodes air after filming, “It is hard to relive as it aggravates the situation again,” but added that he then “tunes it out.”

He later added that they are “just a normal family with challenges,” and said:

We’re working through the ups and downs and hope other families are doing the same. Our show is always about how the different relationships interact […]. Of course, there’s always the drama piece, family getting along, not getting along, the house going up for sale.

Together, they planned Matt’s father’s memorial, which seemed to bring the family together despite the Roloff Farms feud. The families also meet up to celebrate their children, such as for Lilah’s third birthday.

Little People Big World fans have their say

LPBW viewers have been giving their opinions on whether Matt or Zach is in the right over the farm sale since the season 24 began airing. Looking at social media, there’s a clear divide over the sale decision.

One fan wrote: “Matt saying he should have sat down with both boys together to discuss the farm… Dude, it hasn’t sold yet, maybe try to do that now? Although that relationship is probably too severed at this point even for that.”

Another said: “Yeah, your siblings. You forget about them Zach? That’s why you have to pay full price, no special treatment. That farm is their inheritance as much as yours. In essence, by paying full price, you are buying them out.”

“God has a way of working things out. Maybe they weren’t meant to buy the farm. #LPBW,” penned a viewer.



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