Little People Big World: How much did Matt Roloff pay Amy for the farm? Buyout explored!
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Little People Big World: How much did Matt Roloff pay Amy for the farm? Buyout explored!

The Roloff Farm has finally been sold out. The latest season of Little People, Big World highlights how the Roloffs decided who got the farm. Here’s a look at how much Matt Roloff paid Amy Roloff for the farm.

Ever since Amy decided to move into her new house, fans had been wondering who would end up with her share of the farm. The show highlighted how Amy wanted to move on in her life and leave her connections to the farm behind. Keeping this in mind, it was no surprise that Matt decided to buyout her side of the farm.

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How much did Matt Roloff pay Amy for the farm?

Matt reportedly paid $667,000 for the other side of the farm. Amy had been meaning to sell her side of the farm for a long time. However, she was not able to come to a decision.

The show hinted Zach or Jeremy Roloff might take over the property as the two seemed keen on buying the property from their mother. At the moment, it is uncertain what led to Zach and Jeremy letting go of the property.

It is possible that the present season of the show will look into the deal further. As for Matt buying the property, the deal does not come as a surprise. On the show, Matt had been vocal about his desire to buy Amy’s side of the farm.

It looks the two finally managed to reach a conclusion and a deal was made.


What is Matt Roloff’s net worth?

Matt has an estimated net worth of $6 million. Most of Matt’s income comes from the Roloff Farms and their reality show. Amy and Matt had bought 34 acres of farm earlier into their marriage, and to date, it has brought in a lot of profit for the family.

The farm tends to do extremely well during the pumpkin season. The Roloff family hosts several guests during this season and close to 30,000 people visit the property. The family also comes together to divide the work among them.

Roloff Farm was worth over $1.6m in 2018, and its value is said to have increased since then. Apart from this, Matt also has several other real estate investments.

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