Now that Little People, Big World has come to an end in 2022, fans want to know if there is going to be a season 24 and if so, when it will premiere?

LPBW season 23 came with tonnes of ups and downs for the Roloff family. The LPBW stars have endured many changes since the show first launched on TLC in 2006, but this past season has been particularly eventful due to the sale of a portion of Roloff Farms.

In 2021, the Roloff family saw 16 acres of the farm go up for sale. This decision came after Matt and Amy’s children didn’t purchase the land.

Season 23 saw Amy and Chris settle into married life and Caryn and Matt navigate their relationship with Zach and Tori. Viewers also got a glimpse into Tori and Zach’s new life in Battleground and the arrival of their third child.

Amy and Chris on Little People, Big World
Screenshot: Zach and Tori Share Big News with Amy | Little People, Big World – YouTube

Has Little People, Big World season 23 finished?

Yes, Little People, Big World season 23 finished on July 19th, 2022.

Airing on Tuesdays at 9 pm, LPBW wrapped up its 23rd season with its 10th episode.

Season 23 kicked off on May 17th, 2022.

Little People, Big World season 24

Little People, Big World hasn’t been officially confirmed by TLC for season 24.

However, a member of the LPBW cast made a past comment that insinuates that the show will return.

As per Distractify, in January 2022, Amy and Chris confirmed they had committed to two more seasons of Little People, Big World.

Speaking to ET Online, Chris said: “Well, we just signed up for two more seasons. Who knows what will happen next?”.

Distractify writes that “…this indicates that Little People, Big World will most likely return for Season 24.”

LPBW fans want season 24

It’s no secret that Little People, Big World has a huge amount of fans all over the world. The TLC series has been running for 23 seasons and people have been tuning in to see the latest with the Roloffs since 2006.

As season 23 came to an end on July 19th, many fans took to Twitter to say how much they’d love to see the Roloffs back on screen for season 24.

On person tweeted: “I hate that it’s the season finale tonight”.

Another said: “Well here’s to season 23! Looking forward to seeing season 24 and what happens with the farm.”



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