Loren and Alexei's chosen baby name reinforced by his early arrival
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Loren and Alexei's chosen baby name reinforced by his early arrival

Loren and Alexei have chosen a unique name for their second baby, which has left several 90 Day Fiance viewers totally baffled. The cute child has been called Baby Boten, and we can reveal why.

The TLC stars have their own spin-off Monday show, following their successful debut on the OG 90 Day Fiance series. Now a family-of-four, the married couple’s life has been nothing less than filled with happiness.

However, Loren and Alexei have faced complications along the way. During the preview clip for the upcoming episode, they revealed they felt “helpless” following the arrival of Baby Boten.

We explored the real meaning behind baby number two’s name…

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90 Day Fiancé | Before the 90 Days Season 5 Trailer

90 Day Fiancé | Before the 90 Days Season 5 Trailer

Loren and Alexei’s baby name

Loren and Alexei welcomed their second son into the world on Monday the 16th of August 2021, and they named him Asher Noah Brovarnik. However, despite his biological name, they usually call him “Baby Boten.”

Even before he was born, the couple referred to Loren’s bump with the name, which translates to “peanut” in Hebrew. At one stage of pregnancy, their second child really would have been the size of a peanut!

However, they didn’t actually call their son “Boten” and instead have called him by another name since his arrival.

Meaning behind ‘Baby Boten’

Loren and Alexei have revealed their second child wanted to come into this world earlier than expected and on his own terms, and have referred to him as “Baby Boten” after calling their first boy Shai “Baby Brov” (as in Brovarnick).

Welcoming Asher via C-section, they kept their name plans a secret, which made things easier by calling Asher “Baby Boten” while she had him in her belly still. In an IG post, Loren explained her firstborn’s name Shai means “gift.”

Due to having a C-section, Asher was likely born much smaller than if he would have arrived without a C-section, and therefore completely suits the term “Baby Boten”, aka “Peanut.”

As reported by US Weekly, the TLC stars have also shared that their second child was born on August 16th and weighs a “whopping” 5 lbs. and 7 oz. He’s 19 inches tall.

After the 90 Days: Their story

While Loren was 32-weeks pregnant, she visited the doctor as she was experiencing sharp pains down her back and her lower stomach, which she described as a “9 on a pain scale”.

She was told by the doctor that her baby is pushing her cervix with their legs. This was dangerous for Loren, as she had a cervical cerclage a few years ago, and if the baby pushed too hard then they could break the cerclage and come out.

The doctor said that if her baby came this early, they would have to spend at least four weeks in the NICU. This scared Loren, as she said she’s “not ready for that, that’s not how it’s supposed to go.”

Despite concerns from doctors due to being premature, Asher was born healthy and there were no major complications.

Loren announced his birth on her Instagram and wrote: “Due to some circumstances, he is in the NICU, but recovering well. We can’t wait to bring him home and start this next chapter as a family of 4!”



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