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Fans concerned I Love A Mama's Boy's Emily and Shekeb have split after cryptic post

Fans of the I Love A Mama’s Boy show had an insight into the relationship between Emily Chu and Shekeb Sekander. Despite their differences, they two carried on with their relationship. However, things in paradise might have come to an end as Emily’s Instagram post hints at a possible breakup.

Emily and Shekeb from the 2020’s I Love A Mama’s Boy were definitely one of the most-talked-about couples in the series. The extreme relationship between Shekeb and his mother Laila did not have the greatest amount of space for their relationship to flourish.

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Are Emily and Shekeb still together in 2022?

Neither of them has confirmed if they are still together or not recently. However, in 2020, Shekeb confirmed to Right This Minute that the couple was still going strong. Also, season 2 of I Love A Mama’s Boy ended in 2021, prolonging their relationship.

Fast forward to a couple of months and a new year, on April 5, Emily Chu posted a picture of her sitting all alone on a train.

She captioned it: “You are looking at a young women that found out about the announcement of another season, so she hopped on the train with no destination.”

Although her message referred to the renewal of the second season of I Love A Mama’s Boy, fans thought of her message as strange. The reason was that Emily posed alone in the photo, insinuating that she was no longer continuing her relationship with Shekeb.

No statements, her reply to a fan’s Instagram comment raised the alarm.

The fan asked: “I’m so confused?? Did you guys break up 😱😱😱

Emily simply replied: “Ah you’re such a beauty!💖 and I wish I had a definite answer as well🤨🤨”

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Fans are siding with Emily, for the better and worse

Screenshot from TLC UK’s YouTube Channel: Mother Shocks Son With Blind Date In Front Of His Girlfriend | I Love A Mama’s Boy /

Emily had a tough time dealing with the disapproval of Shekeb’s mother, Sheila, and also the fact that Shekeb wouldn’t stand up for their relationship.

Throughout the series, Emily gave him a lot of ultimatums, leading him to get her a promise ring before he popped up with the real question. However, that wasn’t enough for her as she was hoping to get the $40,000 engagement ring of her dreams.

Disrespected by his lack of commitment, Emily threw the ring away. But once she wanted to make amends with Shekeb, she saw Laila (his mum) wearing it. That’s when the real drama started.

At the end of the series, it seemed that the two would be trying their best to stay together.

Fans of Emily are now leaving positive messages for the reality TV star, whose relationship status is still unclear.

A fan did not hesitate to spill the tea and wrote: “You guys didn’t seem compatible anyways. Sometimes is better to “take a train with no destinations” than to be stuck or have kids with the wrong person. Life is giving you another chance, choose wisely. Good luck 👏”

“He’s not worth it,” wrote another one.

A third one, who is rooting for Emily’s happiness said: “I hope you find someone who can love you unconditionally. A man will always love his mother but a man should know when his mother is crossing lines and speak to his mother about it. If he can’t do that, he’s not the one for you.”

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Emily and Shekeb’s relationship, over Laila’s watch – “Shekeb is mine”

Screenshot from TLC Australia’s YouTube Channel: “You Are Not Right For My Son”: Mother Crashes Son’s Valentine’s Date | I Love a Mama’s Boy /

Shekeb and Emily’s love formed at first sight, or so he described it. As per Cinemaholic, Shekeb said that they “instantly just clicked.”

Their relationship was constantly going over some rocky roads after Shekeb’s mother, Laila, did not approve of the relationship with her son.

Laila is very protective of Shekeb, and she admitted to always loving him under her roof. Their relationship as mother and son has prevented their relationship from moving forward.

Even though Emily has tried several times to win her over, she doesn’t seem to get his mother’s approval, raising the tension between the two.

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