Zach and Tori Roloff from TLC’s Little People Big World went on a date during a recent episode. Tori got deep and revealed she feels “underappreciated” by her husband, who she shares three children with.

During season 24 episode 9, Tori and Zach went on the first date they’ve been on in a long time without their kids. They both admitted how it was nice to go out just them two as they never usually get quality time together.

The LPBW couple have been married since 2015, after Zach asked for Tori’s hand in marriage a year earlier following four years of dating. However, the date involved Tori being brutally honest about feeling “underappreciated.”

Zach and Tori Roloff head on LPBW date

Zach and Tori went on a date just them two on Little People Big World. During the dinner, Zach told Tori that she was doing a good job with the kids, but she ended up telling him she felt “underappreciated” by him.

Tori saidthat she needs more “words of affirmation” during their date, while Amy babysat. She told Zach: “I feel under-appreciated. I know you do, but it would be nice to hear it more often. It would be nice to hear it, feel it, absorb it.

Then, in a confessional, the LPBW star said that the Roloffs are not the kind of people who talk about their feelings:

It just never feels genuine. It’s always like when I tell you that I need it. Then you’re like, ‘yeah you’re great. You’re fine. It’s been fine.’

Zach then said in a confessional, “I like Tori because she takes care of our family. She appreciates me.” He responded to Tori by telling her that if he wasn’t saying anything negative, that meant that she was doing a great job.

How did Tori and Zach meet?

Zach and Tori met during pumpkin season on Roloff Farms in 2010 and hit it off instantly. They bonded over a mutual passion for soccer and began dating. Tori had begun working on the farm at the time. Tori said on LPBW:

The first time I met Zach, I was working at Roloff Farms during pumpkin season as a greeter and one of our co-workers introduced us.

Zach told TLC cameras that they kept talking and that Tori kept approaching him. They then went on their first date, which lasted five hours long. They kept dating for four years until Zach decided to pop the big question.

Where do Zach and Tori live?

Zach and Tori moved to Washington in October 2021 after growing up on Roloff Farm and living in Portland, Oregon. They live in the Battle Ground area, meaning the couple are just a 50-minute drive away from their old place.

They previously bought their family home in Portland in 2018 after Tori announced she was expecting their eldest son, Jackson. In Tori’s Instagram post, she explained that they still had “beautiful memories” of their house in Portland.

Initially revealing before the move that they were excited for their “new adventure in Washington,” the home is worth almost $1 million, which has four bedrooms and three bathrooms for their family-of-five.



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