Little People Big World star Tori Roloff confirms her daughter Lilah is finally set to undergo eye surgery in 2023 after she and her husband Zach changed their minds about the procedure earlier this year.

Lilah Roloff has been a key character in the series since her birth. After being showcased more during the 22nd season of Little People Big World, viewers have seen her grow throughout the episodes.

If you have been following Tori Roloff on social media or through Little People Big World, you might’ve noticed her little daughter Lilah has been wearing glasses since a very young age. This comes after she was diagnosed with Strabismus after birth.

Ending the year 2022, Tori held a Q&A question with her fans. Getting honest in each question, the star revealed the great news of Lilah’s speech improvement and also her planned eye surgery. It appears the loveable little Lilah will have her eye surgery at some point this year.

Tori updates fans on Lilah’s eye surgery

On December 27, Tori had a Q&A session on her Instagram account, where she boasts 1.9 million followers. As different sorts of questions came through from longtime and new fans, she took time to respond.

For a very long time, LPBW fans have been curious to know Lilah’s vision progress. Earlier in 2022, Tori and Zach decided to put off the surgery they had planned for her.

“Yes. Most likely this year,” she answered. “We’re waiting a little longer in hopes of her only needing one surgery. It’s pretty minor surgery but doing it only once would be ideal.”

Since the couple welcomed their daughter, fans have flooded the comment sections with messages of love and support as the little star has become a much-loved family member.

Diagnosed with Strabismus at birth

The beloved LPBW couple welcomed their second child, Lilah, in November 2019. Not only was she diagnosed with dwarfism, but also with Strabismus.

As her mother called her “crossed-eye beauty queen”, the three-year-old warmed the hearts of viewers by overcoming and improving various health issues.

Answering another fan’s question, Tori revealed her daughter needed surgery that would realign the eyes into the correct position.

The reality star reassured fans saying it was “pretty common” and “hereditary” but not related to her diagnosis of spinal dysplasia.

Lilah’s speech delay worries fans

Zach and Tori Roloff makes plans on Lilah's speech and hearing improvements
Little People, Big Word / TLC YouTube

Another health issue, which has become obvious as the episodes have come out, is Lilah’s speech delay. Now, at the age of three, Lilah doesn’t have the same level of speech knowledge as any other kid of her age. But, Tori often shares cute clips of her repeating certain words for followers online.

Nonetheless, she has been communicating with her parents through gestures and facial expressions. Still, this wasn’t enough for viewers at home, who began worrying about how the delay would affect her once she became older. Each child’s progress is individual and different, and followers have no doubt Lilah will move at her own pace.

Tori and Zach have since welcomed a baby boy Josiah and expanded their family to a clan of five.

Though there is no favorite child and Tori loves her children equally, Little People Big World fans hope for the best for the family, especially for Lilah.



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