After Matt Roloff’s 27-year marriage to ex Amy, he began dating Caryn Chandler, who had been an employee at Roloff Farms for over a decade. Four years into their relationship, LPBW viewers wonder if they have split.

As tensions relating to 16 acres of Roloff Farms being put up for sale, rather than passed down to Matt and Amy’s children, his girlfriend Caryn has become the main topic among those watching the drama unfold.

Both Matt and Amy moved on after their 2016 divorce, which saw Amy tie the knot with Chris Marek and Matt begin a new romance with Caryn. So just where are the couple today and are the rumors true?

Rumors about Matt and Caryn swirl

Since tensions between Matt and his children arose, after he decided not to sell 16 acres of the farm to them, fans have come to the conclusion that his relationship with girlfriend Caryn is being put before his family.

As a result, the couple has faced viewers urging them to split up. Plus, the fact that they are not yet married has many thinking that there may not be a future between them, but Matt has stated he does see marriage in their future.

However, some fans are backing Matt and Caryn. A Twitter user wrote:

Caryn is better suited for Matt than Amy was, as she takes his over-the-top ideas in stride. Chris gets annoyed by some of Amy’s personality traits. I’d say Amy and Chris will eventually split, Matt and Caryn will stay together.

The couple’s last posted photo together online goes back to February earlier this year when Matt shared a snapshot of them celebrating Valentine’s Day together. Caryn’s most recent upload, however, was in November 2021.

Matt and Caryn have not split

Matt and Caryn have made no announcements regarding a split, while he still has a picture of them together as his Instagram picture. Plus, her social media page is filled with photos of them going out for dinners and enjoying life.

Caryn turned her Instagram comments off after she received online hate. She now has the words ‘be kind’ in her bio, while Matt informed his followers that he and Caryn went to the National Little People Conference three weeks ago.

The Roloff father wrote that they hung out with ex Amy and her husband Chris, and added on Instagram:

Thanks Caryn for coming to support and be by my side…. Next we’re off to AZ for some pool time. Then back to the farm to continue the house build. Busy summer ahead. Stay safe everyone.

Reality Titbit has asked Matt and Caryn for comment.

Their LPBW relationship timeline

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler began their relationship in 2017. When asked by US Weekly in 2020 if they saw marriage in their future, Matt said:

We do, we don’t have any opposition to it but its just so happy and comfortable and wonderful the way it is… Right now we’re happy to watch Amy and Chris go through that process.

Matt and Amy Roloff split up in 2016 but Amy has suggested that she thinks Matt and Caryn began their relationship while he was still married to her as per Monsters and Critics.

Caryn and Matt met many years before this as she worked on the farm as a manager and as Matt’s assistant. Now, they continue to go on regular date nights and often meet up with Amy and her husband Chris.



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