Matt Roloff is currently on a cruise with girlfriend Caryn Chandler, at the same time as an episode of Little People Big World aired which saw him talk about his future plans of getting down on one knee to her.

The cruise-lovers are sailing the seas on the Carnival Mardi Gras, as shared to Matt’s Instagram on November 22. During that same day, the Roloff navigated getting a house built for both him and Caryn to live in.

After Matt’s ex-wife Amy Roloff got married to Chris Marek, many have been asking when Matt is going to pop the question to his beau. So, what are his proposal plans and where is the couple now?

Are Matt Roloff and Caryn engaged?

No, Matt and Caryn are not engaged at the time of writing. The couple made their romance public in 2017, unveiling their relationship during Season 17 of Little People Big World, and have been boyfriend and girlfriend since.

Matt continues to live in the double-wide mobile home, DW for short, where Caryn often visits. They don’t currently live together but are in the middle of having a home built which is ideal for both of them.

Although they don’t live together in Oregon, Caryn and Matt purchased a condo in Surprise, Arizona, where the couple frequently go on holiday. In the past, Caryn has accidentally referred to the Roloff as her husband and said:

I’m married to the guy that owns a pumpkin patch. [Slight pause]. I’m not married. Did I say married?

Matt then responded: “You’re almost married to a guy with the pumpkin patch, is the way I could put it.” Fans have been questioning the Roloff on when he’s putting a ring on Caryn’s finger, but they are not yet engaged.

Matt talks proposal plans on LPBW

Matt revealed that he doesn’t plan to propose until the house they are having built – his dream home – is ready for them to move in. He spoke about how “neither one of our houses work for each other.”

They are currently “sort of hanging out in limbo” while he thinks “it just doesn’t make sense” for him to propose or for them to wed until they have a place to live together. He said: “I think Caryn’s disappointed about what’s happening.”

Matt explained that backlogs for building permits were holding up his plans of building his dream home on Roloff Farms, so it appears that construction likely won’t start until next year.

They enjoy romantic cruise together

After a long while without going on a vacation, Matt and Caryn are enjoying a trip on the Carnival Mardi Gras cruise. It comes just months after their October 2021 trip, when they celebrated his 60th birthday on a dinner cruise together.

Matt has been passionate about cruises for years, and even went on one trip in 2014 around the Caribbean. Fans are pleased to see Matt and Caryn enjoying the cruise now and shared their hopes for LPBW cameras to film the trip.

Photos showed Caryn enjoying a cocktail, while Matt posed in front of the large ship in another pic. Both are seen smiling while they have “tons of fun.” Several viewers have commented saying they “deserve a break.”



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