Matt Roloff has revealed his family can stay at the Roloff Farms rental for free, following the Little People Big World drama that involved putting 16 acres of the farm up for sale. However, he later took it off the market.

His ex-wife Amy looked inside the short-term rental, but felt that it was time to move on and didn’t connect with the place like she used to. Matt then said he’d be making a huge announcement about the bed and breakfast rental.

Matt said he is only opening the house but isn’t letting anyone around the property. He added that he doesn’t want to give renters a code as he wants to know when they are coming and going. However, his family can stay for free.

Matt talks Roloff Farms rental

Amy says each family needs to have their own code now that Matt has opened the home, and felt that he has to give free rein. Matt says that the family can “reserve it for no cost” and block dates out.

However, Amy didn’t think their children would want to do that. Matt says he texted the kids that he was going to do plan B – the short-term rental – and revealed the kids didn’t respond. Amy told him they “don’t want to care.”

Amy says told him she doesn’t care what he does and thinks Matt doesn’t know how much this hurts on the personal side. Matt responded by saying he’s “trying to do what his father did, give his children unconditional love.”

How much is it to rent Roloff house?

The Roloff Farms bed and breakfast rental starts from $566.71 a night. Prices vary depending on the time of year you book, and there is a requirement for a three-night minimum stay. For example, three nights in February costs $2,488.

However, the price doubles in the summer, as three nights in June comes at a price of around $5,580. The rental has four king bedrooms – including one with a twin and ensuite – one queen bedroom, and a room with a bunk twin.

Overall, 16 people can stay at the rental which has 5.5 bathrooms and it’s even pet-friendly! Therefore, the entire Roloff family could take a vacation at Roloff Farms bed and breakfast, and it wouldn’t cost them a penny.

How much is a tour of Roloff Farms?

Roloff Farms admission price is $27 for anyone aged five and over, and is free for anyone up to four years old. Entrance includes the famous group wagon tour, free parking, entrance to the farm, all scenic trail and adventure walk activities.

However, a private tour of Roloff Farms was unavailable in 2022. Pumpkins can be bought for $0.79 per lb throughout October, but there is currently no availability to book ahead for the 2023 season.



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