Matt Roloff is no stranger to defending his family from internet trolls, and he loves to respond to any negative comments whenever he sees one.

It’s not the first nor it will be the last time the TLC star warns those who bombard his Instagram posts with malicious comments. But when it comes to being a reality TV star and a public figure, it’s unfortunately part of the job occasionally.

However, under Matt Roloff’s watch, no trolls can mess with the family without being warned.

Matt Roloff tells trolls to forget their “inadequate mumble jumbo”

On June 26, Roloff updated his 763k Instagram followers with a picture of the family together with their friends visiting from Texas. Yes, including exes and new partners.

The 60-year-old was posing with his ex-wife Amy and her husband Chris Marek, alongside his current girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

As he shared the sweet family portrait: “Cheer this photo on!!! That’s the tall and the short of it! Period.” Matt also took the chance to warn the haters from any negative comments: “Negative people, please go away gracefully … you don’t possess adequate discernment to speak your inadequate mumble jumbo.

Fans praise Matt’s relationship with ex-wife Amy

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Although it’s been five years since the couple divorced and have jumped into other relationships, Matt and Amy have maintained a good friendship despite their past drama. After all, the two are parents of their four children.

Fans left messages of support and praised the reality star for his good relationship with Amy and her husband, Chris.

One fan wrote: “My favorite part of little people big world is how Matt and Chris are friends. Me and my gram watch every time I sleep over and we both love it! So glad you guys can get along and stay friends ❤️.

“Love how you and Amy can be cordial with each other to still have family events together,” a second one added.

A third fan who loves the Roloff family joked about leaving a negative comment just to get noticed by the 60-year-old star. But they didn’t have anything to say: “Well, I’m just 55 and would love a bit of banter but I don’t have anything mean to say! It’s a lovely photo of friendship and people learning to move on which is fab ❤️.

Matt Roloff’s current relationship with son Zach

Screenshot from TLC’s YouTube Channel: Jackson Spills the Beans to Matt: “We’re Moving!” | Little People, Big World /…

Zach and Jeremy might be twins, but when it comes to the family, sometimes they clash on opinions.

After Matt placed the farm on the market at the whopping price of $4 million, whilst Jeremy didn’t say anything, Zach didn’t hesitate to share his thoughts.

Matt’s relationship with his son Zach has been the main topic and main interest of viewers during the episodes of Little People Big World. Many have been left wondering if the two will make amends as he reportedly snubbed him on Father’s Day.

According to Pop Culture, while his wife Tori congratulated both Zach and her father on Father’s Day, the 32-year-old TV personality didn’t congratulate his dad, Matt.

During one episode, Zach got candid during the confessional and revealed he wanted to purchase part of the property so his two children, Jackson and Lilah, had a place to play and grow up. Nonetheless, he and his father Matt were not seen hashing it out, leading to a very heated situation for the pair.



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