MBFFL’s Heather Sykes is working hard and raising her kids alone at 38

MBFFL’s Heather Sykes is working hard and raising her kids alone at 38

My Big Fat Fabulous Life returned for its tenth season on August 9, and aside from being re-introduced to more drama and twists, we were also re-introduced to Heather Sykes who has been on the show since 2015 as Whitney Way Thore’s close friend.

Now that we are seeing Sykes again, fans want to know more about who she is, including her age, what she does, and all the gossip about her ex-husband, Jared.

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Heather Sykes’ age and career

Heather was born on November 16 and is currently 38 years old. She will be turning 39 this year.

Outside of the show, Sykes has her own life and career. Aside from raising her children and being an avid social media influencer, Heather has been a global director of editing at Market America for the past 16 years.

Heather is a smart woman and prior to professional life and reality TV, she did her bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro from 2002 – 2006.

Heather’s ex-husband and children

Heather was married to Jared Burton Pike for a long time before sadly parting ways in 2015. They tied the knot when she was just 21 and Jared 24 according to gossipnextdoor.com.

The reason for the divorce is yet to be revealed but it appears that the pair are still civil for the sake of their two children. They share a son, Eli, and a daughter, Ava.

Eli was born in September 2011 and is already making his parents proud. In June 2022 he received two awards from school, the “All-Year A-B Honour Roll” and “Passionate Peer” for standing up for what he believes in.

Daughter Ava is also doing well as she prepares this 2022 for a role in her first musical. Just like her mother did, Ava is preparing for her role in Grease.

Heather’s net worth

According to gossipnextdoor.com, as of 2022, Heather has an estimated net worth of $900K.

Comparably.com also managed to make an estimation of her annual salary by looking into her company. It is said that Global Directors of Editorial Services in the United States range from $180K to $270K.

A lot of her net worth will also come from her role on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, of which she has been a cast member for over seven years.

Heather on Instagram

Heather is an avid social media user and her account, @isntsheheather boasts an impressive 79K + followers as well as over 4,800 posts.

Her feed consists mainly of pictures of her kids, food, and her cats. Heather also uses Facebook to share pictures of her family and other things she gets up to as well as on Twitter.

She also has a Cameo account where she makes extra cash by providing personalized videos to her followers.


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