Will Powell’s CrossFit training has become vastly popular since he appeared on TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life. He works in the same industry as his daughter, Jessica, who has been personal training Whitney for years.

Jessica‘s wedding is featured during season 10 of the show, which focuses on Whitney’s life as a dancer, while navigating her family troubles such as mom Barbara Thore going to hospital after a second stroke.

With Jessica becoming Whitney’s No BS Active business partner in 2021, the two are so close that it makes total sense for her dad Will to become more of a main cast member on the TLC series. So who is the CrossFit trainer?

Meet CrossFit trainer Will Powell

Will is a CrossFit trainer and Jessica Powell’s dad, who runs his own gym. Will used to be Whitney’s personal trainer way back. He fired her as a client because she continued to eat the wrong foods and sometimes showed up late.

Jessica encouraged Whitney to show Will her certifications in the past. He is a professional athlete, personal trainer, and motivational speaker who takes a holistic approach to training, wellness and weight loss.

The owner of Powell Fitness, he is the businesses’ lead trainer, as well as a contest prep and posing coach. Will’s 1-on-2 training sessions start from $45 for 30 minutes up to group conditioning for $110 a month.

He states in his Instagram bio that he is an eight-time Crossfit Games athlete, four-time Crossfit World Champion, and five-time podium finisher. Will is also undefeated in the 2021 Crossfit Open, qualifier and Masters Legends.

Inside the TLC star’s marriage

Will is married to Terry Powell, who he lives with in Greensboro, North Carolina. She also works at Powell Fitness Training & Wellness Studio and is originally from the Clinton area of the US state.

The couple have been married since February 16th 1985, two years after she graduated from Charleston Southern University Buccaneers meaning they have called each other husband and wife for over 30 years.

She has worked at the family gym since 2009 and is her husband’s biggest supporter. Terry revealed on Instagram in October 2021 that she is a cancer survivor whose “cancer was detected in the early stages”.

Will fired Whitney as his client

During an episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life that aired six years ago, Will approached Whitney’s car while she cried. He spotted empty food packaging on the floor and asked her what happened to the healthy bars he gave her.

Will told Whitney: “This stuff keeps you from dancing the way you need to dance.” She responds by saying that he looks at the food and thinks how “bad she did”, while she looks at it and thinks “how good she did”.

He advised her to plan it out and tells her that it is too late once she visits a fast food restaurant, and said:

I’ve had to fire clients before. I’m sorry but we’re at that point, and I’ve just got to let you go as a client, but that’s just where we are right now.

Instead of Will, Whitney hired his daughter Jessica as her personal trainer at the same gym, Powell Fitness. They now work closely together on their own business No BS Active.

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