Mahogany Roca became popular amongst 90 Day Fiance fans after her 52-year-old fiance, Ben Rathburn, flew to see her in Peru during the latest episode. Fans were convinced it was a catfish storyline but were proven wrong after we finally got to see her in the flesh during Ben’s time in Peru.

Now that fans know she is real, they want to know all about the Peruvian and we are here to share. Keep reading to find out how old she is as well as her education, career and more.

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Mahogany’s age and education explored

Mahogany is 24-years-old and was born in 1997 in Lima, Peru – where she currently resides. Mahogany comes from a long line of Latin blood and is proud of her background.

Mahogany is currently a student and to many fans surprise, is studying International Law and Human Rights and wants to start a career in law after she graduated.

The Peruvian native appears to be a Christian according to her Instagram bio and is passionate about her faith.

Mahogany’s Instagram explored

Mahogany is pretty active on her social media and posts frequently for her 4,800 followers. You can find her under the handle @mahogany_peru.

Most of her feed contains selfies with no captions. Mahogany is pretty stunning though so we can’t blame her!

Pictures of her family are also found on her Instagram, most of those being with her mother whom she appears very close to. There are recent pictures of the mother-daughter duo spending her moms birthday together in Lima.

Mahogany’s pictures date back to 2015 so you can also see some cheesy throwbacks on there too.

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Why fans thought Mahogany was a catfish

Fans were almost 100% convinced that Mahogany was a catfish up until we saw her on the latest episode, for more reasons than one.

Firstly, she is a stunner and Ben only seemed to have pictures of her which made fans speculate if she was real or someone else using the ‘real’ Mahognany’s pictures.

Aside from this though, Ben planned an expensive trip to Peru to go and see Mahogany but she was almost impossible to contact throughout the entire process.

On the day Ben was sue to travel, Mahogany sent a text saying “don’t come.” This already left a sour taste in the audience’s mouth but Ben still decided to go and hoped that she was just nervous.

When he got there he was left in the dark for almost 3 days and didn’t hear a single word from Mahogany. This was when fans thought that she wasn’t real and wasn’t going to show up.

However, when Ben told her that he was at a restaurant that sparked her to respond and she told him she would meet him there. Ben was left waiting for 90 minutes until Mahogany showed up and we finally saw that she was real.



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