90 Day Fiance: The Single Life season 3 is officially on its way. The trailer has just been released, so it’s no wonder that fans are excited about who’s set to appear in the line-up. We’ve got the confirmed stars below...

Several OG cast members alike have allowed cameras to film their dating journey, as they try to find love across the border. It will detail the lives of stars who are no longer in relationships, such as Natalie’s post-split journey after Mike.

Remember Colt Johnson’s mom Debbie, who had a total makeover and appeared last season? Well, she’s back this season hoping to find a man. The 69-year-old has been single since 2008, when her husband Harley Johnson died.

We found more on the rest of the show’s dating crew, and can reveal what we know about the newbies so far.


From Jacksonville, Caesar has already featured his story on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 3 and 90 Day Diaries. He’s now on the search for a new woman after his relationship with former co-star Maria didn’t work out.

The TLC star was also on 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined, when he claimed to have met Maria in Ukraine. It followed years of not meeting despite communicating over the internet and the phone constantly.

Randomly, Drake follows Caesar on Instagram, which has sparked questions about whether they are friends. Caesar is also a total gym fanatic who offers fans $40 videos on celebrity video site Cameo.


Tiffany Franco went through a break-up from Ronald in August 2021. He is believed to have filed for divorce, but she is now on the hunt for a new man after her initial appearance on the first season of 90 Day Fiance.

She has recently been focusing on her fitness and ahead of her comeback, has shared a weight loss transformation on social media. Tiffany underwent weight loss surgery, before dropping 80 pounds in weight.

The star previously got married to South African native Ronald and continued her long-distance relationship with Ronald while they waited for his visa approval. They also welcomed a daughter together.


As Debbie goes into her 70s, she wants to find a man. Earlier this year, she wowed fans with her weight loss and overall makeover, and during season 2, she appeared as just a co-star, AKA Colt Johnson’s mom.

After being widowed for 13 years following a 27-year marriage to her late husband and Colt’s father, Harley. They had originally met in a bar, when he asked her if she wanted to play Pac Man, and won a game!

She claims they were “just perfect for each other” and refers to him as the love of her life, who she misses every single day. Debbie previously lived with Colt before moving in with her cousin in Las Vegas, where her son comes to visit her.


Fans will know that Natalie, 37, a Ukrainian native, was married to Mike Youngquist. Although their marriage didn’t work out, she hasn’t given up hope that she can find the man of her dreams.

This season’s trailer hints that she gets heartbroken by someone she thought was her dream man, before she later shows up at Mike’s doorstep with flowers. Overall, the main goal for Natalie is to have build a family.

Natalie and Mike’s former marriage hit TLC on the seventh season of 90 Day Fiancé, when she moved from Ukraine to Sequim. She was an actress in the country, and was married twice before she met Mike.


Tania Maduro is a returning cast member. In the trailer for season 3, Tania admits that her marriage to Syngin was tough and that she is ready to start her new chapter. Therefore, she has begun living her life as a single woman.

However, dating while being newly separated from Syngin proves to be more difficult than she thought. The former couple decided to divorce after two years of marriage and starred on season 7 of 90 Day Fiancé.

At the time, Syngin had moved from South Africa to Connecticut to be with Tania. Later, when they split, they were still living and sleeping together, but Syngin eventually moved out and got back into the dating game – like Tania!



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