Sister Wives Meri Brown has confessed to receiving mean comments from fans following the split between Kody Brown and Christine. The breakup has affected the rest of the household – and fans are apparently not happy.

Kody Brown and his family have been in the spotlight since Sister Wives premiered in 2020. 12 years of showing off his polyamorous life, the family is now going through some difficult times. It comes following the separation between Christine and Kody after 25 years together.

Meri legally married Kody in 1990, followed by Janelle and Christine, who had a ‘spiritual marriage’. Through Sister Wives, they show off their lives as a polyamorous family with their children.

Kody later divorced Meri, so he could legally marry Robyn and adopt her children. She has remained spiritually married to the patriarch, though.

Sister Wives Meri is not happy with ‘mean comments’

Meri Brown cries sharing hardships in relationship with Kody
Screenshot from TLC’s YouTube: Kody and Meri’s Crumbling Relationship | Sister Wives

In last week’s shocking episode of Sister Wives, Meri opened up over the ‘mean comments’ from viewers. Some apparently accused her of not being like Christine, who broke off her marriage, claiming it was lacking attention from her partner.

“These people, like, come at me,” Meri said in the episode. “And they’re just like, ‘Why can’t you be strong like Christine? Why don’t you leave Kody?”

“It frustrates me because you know what, Christine has her own value regardless of Kody. I have my own value regardless of Kody.”

Over the seasons, viewers have seen the ups and downs in the relationship between Kody and Meri. However, she stayed in the relationship, committed to working things out between the two.

Meri’s attitude brings mixed reactions from fans

As the episode showed Christine’s shocking exit from the house, and Janelle moving to the RV, viewers were hoping to find a reaction from Meri. Nonetheless, fans were left upset and claimed she showed a lack of sympathy towards her Sister Wives.

Viewers agreed Meri was looking for Kody’s attention, while others were worried she wasn’t receiving attention from her husband.

An angry fan tweeted: “Sister wives has run its course. Meri is delusional. There is nothing there to fight for. Christine has left. Janelle ain’t putting up with no b*******. Robin is the only one legally married to him and he lives with her. Let’s call it what it is. Monogamy.”

Why did Kody and Meri divorce?

Meri was Kody’s first wife. The couple married in 1990, and have been together ever since. Even though the two divorced after 24 years together, Meri and Kody are still “spiritually” connected.

During an episode of Sister Wives, Kody reveals one of the reasons for the couple’s fallout was her catfishing scandal in 2015. Meri was in an online relationship with a lover from the internet named Sam, who turned out to be a woman named Jackie Overton.

Even though Kody forgave her, the two never recovered from the scandal after Jackie leaked their conversations.

When Kody’s fourth wife Robyn came into the family, Kody asked Meri for a divorce, so he could legally marry Robyn and adopt her children from her previous marriage.



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