Meri Brown has recently been documenting her solo trip to London on her Instagram and has been showing off her weight loss and slim figure, as fans say how much ‘happier and healthier’ without Kody.

The Sister Wives star divorced her husband Kody Brown legally in 2014, so he could marry wife Robyn. She stayed in the family, however, they confirmed their split for good in December 2022, and it now looks like she’s living her best single life.

We take a look at Meri Brown’s ‘solo trip’ overseas and what fans have been saying about her new look.

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Meri Brown shows off weight loss in London pics

It looks like Meri Brown has been enjoying her single life, as she’s been keeping followers updated with her ‘part solo’ trip to London, which she called ’empowering.’

The ex-TLC star has also been working out as she shared the secret to her toned figure with followers as she let them into her F45 workout, which is are 45-minute workouts in

Before embarking on the trip, the 52-year-old announced that she was ready for an adventure and to say “YES” to everything, including meeting new people.

“Meri you have never looked better! Since getting away from Kody you look so happy! Take care!” penned one.

Another follower said: “You look great, and have you lost weight???”

Fans are loving how happy the ‘new Meri’ looks

Fans have been loving Meri Brown’s documentation of her solo journey and her weight loss over on Instagram, as they comment on how good she looks.

“Wow!!!! Kody eat your heart out!!!!” wrote one follower.

“You look like you’re having the time of your life and you look amazing. I hope you’re at peace on the inside as well. You DESERVE it,” penned another.

One said: “Seem happier in your new life. Keep it up.”

“When my daughter went to London she met and married an English man!” one hopeful follower exclaimed.

“You look happier and younger!” said another.

The Sister Wives star is ‘excited’ for the future

Although her trip to London has sadly come to an end, Meri has declared she’s excited for the future as she reflects back on the vacation.

In the caption of her post, the star wrote: “Well London, you’ve been quite good to me indeed!”

She concluded the post by writing: “I’m SO excited for the future, so excited to see my plans and goals come to fruition, and my dreams become reality!”

Kody’s ex Christine Brown has got engaged to David Woolley since moving on from the TLC star.

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