Meri Brown’s fans have praised her glowing look after the Sister Wives star talked about the idea of “expanding” her circle.

The TLC star is truly living her best life after splitting for good from her partner Kody Brown. The couple legally divorced in 2014 but she stayed in the family and their relationship played out in the reality series.

The reality star got candid about her past relationship in a new Instagram video and many of her followers praised her for the uplifting message, saying how much happier she looks.

Meri Brown watches as Kody loses his temper at Sister Wives
Screenshot from TLC’s YouTube: Kody Loses His Temper

Meri Brown gets candid in an Instagram video

The Sister Wives star has opened up about her past relationships, explaining how she felt the need to “shrink” in order to fit in certain circles and situations.

In a video posted on Friday (June 2), Meri told her followers that staying in the same place doesn’t offer any growth and bravely talked about the idea of “expanding” her circle in order to have new experiences.

“When I look back at some circumstances in my life, I realize all experiences brought me to where I am,” she said in the uplifting video to her 838,000 followers.

“I don’t regret [the] time I put into relationships and situations because I know I put in every ounce of effort,” she added.

Many praised her video, with one fan writing: “Thanks for sharing that. By the way, you look like you’re 20 years younger than about six months ago. I can see less stress and glowing and His light from the inside out.”

“Words of wisdom right there!!” another one chimed in.

Fans praise her video

Meri’s encouraging video was flooded with messages of love and support from her followers and many said how happy they are for her wellbeing.

“You look amazing Meri!!!” a fan wrote. “Love that you are finding yourself and comfortable with who you are!!”

“You look great and I love your message,” another one said. A third fan added: “Love this and so so happy you have the freedom to find your circles!”

“I love this message Meri,” a fourth fan agreed.

Meri recently returned from London

Meri has been enjoying her single life and kept her followers updated with her recent trip to London, which she called “empowering”.

After her trip to London came to an end, the media personality reflected on her “part solo” journey and said that she’s excited about what the future holds for her.

In one of her posts, Meri shared how people often “shrink and hide” from their biggest dreams because they think they are scary, or they’re too old or young or simply don’t have enough experience.

“What we really need to do is learn to dance with the fear,” she encouraged her followers. “Lean in to the feeling and emotion of fear, because it’s only when we face it and embrace it that magic happens. Lean in to the dance, learn new steps and swing to the rhythm. Lean in to your moment and live it loud and proud!”

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