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Miona and Jibri met in her hometown on 90 Day Fiancé

Miona Bell has made quite the impression on TLC Fans as she appears on the channel with her fiancé, Jibri Bell.

90 Day Fiancé season 9 is coming to a close, but the drama isn’t over just yet. The latest season has brought us nothing short of entertainment from the couples waiting on their K-1 visas.

Miona and Jibri are amongst the cast of season 9, and viewers just can’t get enough. So, let’s get to know Miona a little better, such as her heritage and how her relationship with Jibri began…

Leave No Trace | Official Trailer | Hulu

Leave No Trace | Official Trailer | Hulu

Where is Miona from?

Miona hails from Niš, Serbia. Located in the South of Serbia, Niš is the third largest city in the country.

When the TLC star first appeared on the show, she was accused of ‘blackfishing’ by numerous viewers. However, Miona informed her Instagram followers that she has a Mexican and Middle Eastern background.

She also told them: “But I will always represent myself as Serbian because that’s my culture.”

Miona and Jibri met in Serbia

As Miona and Jibri live over 5,000 miles away from each other, the question of how they met comes up a lot amongst 90 Day Fiancé fans.

As we saw on the show, the pair struggled to agree on who made the first move at the beginning of their relationship. Jibri was insistent that Miona started flirting with him as soon as they met online, however Miona claimed Jibri made the first move.

After deciding to meet up, they met for the first time in Serbia, where Jibri was playing for his band at the time. Following just a few dates, the pair knew they were perfect for each other.

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Are Jibri and Miona on the rocks?

During the most recent episodes of 90 Day Fiancé, viewers are unsure if Jibri and Miona’s wedding will actually go ahead.

Not only are Jibri’s parents putting him off the idea of marrying Miona, but it seems that Jibri seems the be agreeing with the idea that he cannot afford the wedding. His parents even informed him that they won’t be attending the wedding, as they can tell he isn’t in a happy relationship.

Despite the chaos airing on TLC, some viewers believe the pair are the only ones that will last from the show. One viewer wrote on Twitter: “Miona and Jibri are the couple I think most likely to last. They’re probably most in love.”



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