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Moriah Plath's before and after pictures show she is finally expressing herself

With season 4 of Welcome To Plathville just around the corner, viewers can’t help but notice Moriah’s transformation since season 1.

The new season is hitting TLC on the 17th of May 2022, and is bringing all the latest chaos from the Plath’s right to our screens. With the news surrounding Moriah and Max’s breakup surfacing the internet, we’re sure we’ll Moriah’s side of the story very soon.

Reality Titbit have dug deep into Moriah’s Instagram to find before and after pictures of her look, along with information on her new career as a musician.

Baddies South | Teaser | Zeus

Baddies South | Teaser | Zeus

Moriah Plath before

During seasons 1 and 2 of Welcome To Plathville, Moriah looked very similar to her siblings. The Plath’s were known for being a blonde, blue-eyed family of eleven.

Growing up with extremely traditional roles such as no television, video games or even soda meant that Moriah wasn’t able to express herself in the ways that she wanted to. Although she was known for being the ‘rebel’ of the family during this time, she hadn’t ventured out to looking different from her family.

When Moriah first gained access to social media in 2019, she shared photos with her Instagram following of herself with her natural blonde hair.

Moriah Plath in 2022

Moriah’s look in 2022 is quite the opposite from previously, but we’re absolutely loving it. The TLC star has dyed her hair from purple to pink, to back to blonde.

Moriah is expressing her new found freedom, after living under strict rules from her parents for so long. She has also expressed herself through makeup, and her career as a musician.

When Moriah first began dying her hair, she captioned her photo saying: “Seriously Unpredictable #freedom”, to let the Welcome To Plathville fans know that she’s doing things her way now.

Moriah’s music career

Moriah is certainly the fan favourite from the show, due to her rebellious and reckless side. The 19-year-old doesn’t want to live the restricted lifestyle that her parents brought her up in, and has even ventured out into making her own music.

Moriah released her first single ‘Missed Myself’ in 2022, and is set to bring out her second song ‘Weakness’ on the 18th of May 2022, both of which will be available on Spotify.

Her existing fan base from the show have been nothing but supportive towards her new journey. One viewer commented on her Instagram: “So rooting for you Moriah!….beautiful voice! Sending love from Canada!❤️❤️”



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