David Vito Nelson is one of several patients who took to Dr. Now’s office for help to lose weight on TLC show My 600-lb Life. He has taken to Instagram to reveal he is still on the “health road” following his appearance.

He initially weighed 820 pounds when he first stood on the scales, and is currently on a journey to reach 600lbs to qualify for weight loss surgery. The reality TV personality is now keeping himself accountable to viewers online.

So, where is David today and what is his weight loss story? We can reveal just how fans are reacting to his transformation so far, which has involved many compliments on how “good” he is looking today.

Meet David Vito Nelson

David, 30, from Idaho Falls, Idaho, weighed 763 pounds with a BMI of almost 100 when he visited Dr. Now in Houston. The star, who lives with his foster mom, was driven to eat by his emotions while growing up in foster care.

His daily routine involved trying to stretch out his back and watching TV while eating, before going to sleep. He was a truck driver but had to give up that job after getting an infection, which involved being in hospital for two months.

The My 600-lb Life star suffered back problems following his restricted movement, and was placed on a diet program by the show doctor. His foster mom said David was “downplaying” how much food he was eating.

His weight loss journey

David’s foster mom revealed that all of his money “goes on food”. Following this reveal, he revealed to Dr. Now that he was ready to start his health journey and get his weight down to qualify for bariatric surgery.

He went on to lose 75 pounds on My 600-lb Life. After losing roughly 68 pounds in only a few months after starting the program and being authorized for surgery, David was told to lose another 30 pounds and relocate to Houston. 

His circumstances changed, and Dr. Now had no choice except to cancel his scheduled surgery. David was later able to lose 94 pounds and get accepted for surgery once more.

My 600-lb Life fans say he ‘looks so good’

Fans have been following David’s journey on the “health road” ever since filming wrapped with My 600-lb Life. Currently, he is continuing to eat well and exercise with the hopes of getting weight loss surgery.

With 600 lbs as his goal, many can’t believe just how much progress he is making. One wrote: “You’re doing so good!!! Looking forward to seeing you and what you’re up to.”

Another said: “Looking good! I just watched your episode last week. You’ve come a long way, bravo.”

Posts on his Instagram show that he is going to the gym for work outs and eating healthily. David’s bio on the social media platform also states that he is still waiting to have the surgery.



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