Christina Phillips has gone from weighing over 600 lbs to thriving as a mom to son Ethan, after getting down to just 183 pounds post-surgery. Since season 2, the TLC star’s life has dramatically changed for the better.

Starting out at 708 pounds, Christina had not left her house in two years because of her size, and had eaten herself into a state that was thought to have killed her if she didn’t change her unhealthy habits.

Fast forward to several years later and the My 600-lb Life star has completely transformed her life. Now, she’s absolutely loving life as a new mom and has maintained her shocking weight loss results ever since.

Who is Christina Phillips?

Christina is a My 600-lb Life cast member who started her weight loss surgery at 708 pounds. She was 22 years old when she made her TLC debut, when she was confined to her bed and hadn’t left her house in two years.

She depended on her mother and then-husband Zach, but later was seen living with her boyfriend Shane in an update episode. After being put on a strict diet plan, Christina went on to lose 267 lbs before surgery.

When she first visited Dr. Now, Christina suffered from several ailments, including hypertension. The star sometimes ate up to 7,000 calories per day and was unable to drive or walk long distances, due to her weight.

Her 600-lb Life story

After meeting Dr. Now, Christina was advised to lose weight on her own before going through any gastric bypass surgery. She went on to get the procedure, dropping down to 183 pounds, before she later weighed in at 172 lbs.

Pre-surgery, the TLC star got divorced from Zach, which seemed to spur her on to keep losing weight even more. During her Where Are They Now? episode in 2015, Christina revealed she had gone through skin removal surgery, too.

Christina also revealed on social media that she was suffering from anorexia due to fear of regaining the weight.

Overall, she lost a whopping 536 pounds in total. However, she admitted that she was struggling with her body image after surgery. She said during the update episode:

Lately any time I see the scale go up, I tend to freak out and I stop eating for a couple of days.

The TLC star is now a thriving mom

Christina is now a mother to “smart and funny” son Ethan, who she gave birth to in February 2021. She also states that she is a “proud aunt” of three amazing boys and is now “living life to the fullest.”

Since her TLC debut, she has become fit enough to complete a 5K race and now regularly looks after her one-year-old child. There is no sign of Shane in recent photos, who was her friend for eight years before they became romantic.

She is smiling in all of her recent uploads to social media, which is mostly filled with documentation of her new life as a mother. Fans continue to congratulate her on her successful weight loss journey, and wish her well for her future.

Just a few new pictures since the last update I posted 5 months ago. 🤣🤣 Ethan is 10 months old now and he’s so smart and funny.

Posted by Christina Phillips on Thursday, December 23, 2021



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