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My 600 Lb Life's Ashley R may have lost weight but it's come with serious complications

The majority of the people that go on My 600 Lb Life end up having an incredibly successful journey as they work their way towards gastric bypass surgery. However, unfortunately, not all of the cases are successful and end up being followed by more issues and complications.

This was the case for Ashley Reyes who was on the fifth season of the show. Reyes suffered from some serious issues after her operation.

Reality Titbit has all the details on post-operation complications as well as where she is now and if she managed to overcome them, check it out.

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Dr. Delirium and the Edgewood Experiments | Official Trailer | discovery+
Ashley Reyes. Picture: Ashley Feels Like A 30yr Old Child | My 600-lb Life

Ashley’s difficult My 600 Lb Life journey

Ashely joined the show in 2017 weighing in at 668lbs and was suffering from extreme depression and health complications because of her health saying she felt like a “monster.”

Ashley’s unhealthy eating habits such as binging stemmed from her childhood trauma. Reyes was a victim of abuse from the age of 12 and began comfort eating as a coping method.

Ashley also mentioned how her weight was causing problems in her marriage, saying:

It strains my marriage that I can’t be romantic with him, that we can’t express our love the way we want to, but I just don’t want him to see me….It’s been such a long time that [Daniel] has taken care of me, that I can’t give back.

Ashely Reyes

Reyes lost 54lbs very quickly ad was approved for gastric bypass surgery which resulted in her losing a further 106 lbs.

The procedure caused serious psychological effects

It all appeared to be going great for Ashley and after losing around 160lbs she was very hopeful. However, after her surgery, the TLC star began to suffer.

The 35-year-old began to complain that she was constantly feeling sick, to the point that it was seriously affecting her day-to-day life.

When she told Dr Now, she couldn’t find anything wrong physically with Ashley and so she suggested therapy. Here is where Reyes was diagnosed with food deprivation.

Where is Ashley now?

Ashley is a very determined woman, and despite suffering, she did not give up on her weight loss after the operation.

The star still sticks to a healthy diet and when we saw her the following year in My 600 Lb Life: Where are they now? she had lost a whopping 300 lbs.

However, the weight loss had caused her more problems, she opened up on the show about her issues with chaffing and the pain it caused her saying she desperately needed surgery. Ashley explained:

I had gotten up to 700 pounds. And now my body is stretched and disfigured and it’s depressing to see. So my next big goal is to get all this off as soon as possible because I know I can’t stand to let this all hang on my body….I’m working so hard to lose weight and get to a better place.

Ashley Reyes

On a lighter note, we are happy to say that Ashley and her husband Daniel are still very happily married.


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