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My 600-lb Life's Lisa E quit Dr. Now's program after shedding 83 lbs

Lisa Ebberson’s story was shared on TLC’s My 600-lb Life after she pledged to live a healthier life and drop the pounds she was carrying. With the help of Dr. Now, she pushed through her struggles and managed to do just that.

It is the series where people carrying over 600 lbs in weight are given a diet and exercise program to follow. With the main aim to be approved for bariatric surgery, there have been tons of success stories made from the show.

Lisa’s tough childhood is what she says started her addiction to food, which involved the star and her sisters having to take care of themselves. This led to them eating a quick and easy diet at home, which was just the start.

So, where is Lisa today and has she continued her weight loss journey? She keeps most of her life away from the limelight, but we have got some updates on just what happened to the TLC star.

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Who is Lisa Ebberson?

Lisa, from Fairbury, Nebraska, turned to the help of Dr. Now in a bid to lose weight. With a drive to want to go outdoors, she revealed she had been unable to go anywhere for the last four years.

Following a traumatic childhood, the TLC star shared how she has “always been big”. Bedbound, the doctor told her that if she stood on her ankle, it would puncture and her bones would go through.

The then-51-year-old mother and grandmother said she had gone through failed relationships, one of which led to her falling pregnant as a teenager. She decided enough was enough, and hoped to have a future with her grandchildren.

Lisa’s time on My 600-lb Life

She started out at 637 lbs when she first appeared on the show. Her late boyfriend Randy of ten years, who passed away after testing positive for Covid-19, helped to look after Lisa when he was alive.

Lisa began visiting a dietician for help on My 600-lb Life, and was later admitted to a medical center for Covid-19. She shared a video on Facebook in 2020 where she revealed they had moved her to a new floor in the hospital.

The grandmother did manage to shed 83 lbs in the center, but later decided to quit Dr. Now’s program. It came after four months of not being in contact with him after calling him “rude”, before she fell back into her old habits.

Before quitting, Lisa spoke to a physiotherapist about the grief she was going through since losing Randy. She continues to now live in Fairbury, Nebraska, and is now focusing on her grandchildren.

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Where is the TLC star today?

Lisa is present on social media, but doesn’t share regular updates to her page. Her most recent interactions were sending birthday wishes to friends, as of April 2022, which shows she is well enough to scroll on her phone.

She shared pictures of her grandchildren standing in a garden in 2021, suggesting she is now able to go outside. Lisa declared that it was her plan to take her granddaughter to a fun fair after a year of appearing on the series.

The star regularly shared food-based Facebook videos in the same year, from PeaTos to lasagne, and green mashed potatoes. Some My 600-lb Life participants give updates on their post-show eating habits, but Lisa has not done so.



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