Melissa Morris is one of the most inspirational My 600-lb Life stars, after initially weighing 692 pounds and getting the scales down to just 157 lbs. She has since gained some weight, but revealed that she “will never let herself go.

The now-busy mom had an addiction to food when she first joined the TLC show, and shocked viewers (and Dr. Now) with a weigh-in of over 600 pounds at first. However, she listened to his advice and got her weight right down.

She has since become a weight loss advocate, and is passionate about sharing her journey on Instagram. When a fan told her they were “sorry” she had gained weight again, Melissa responded by saying she has put on 85 lbs.

Despite this, her weight is still way less than half of what she originally started with. Melissa’s progress led to say that she is “not sorry” and “hates when people believe that she is her weight.”

Melissa Morris on My 600-lb Life

Melissa’s first weigh-in saw her at her heaviest, at 692 pounds. However, she actually got down to 175 lbs, the smallest she has ever been, and was able to lose 75 percent of her excess body weight to become pregnant.

Her weight loss debut in 2017 led her to give weight loss tips online and share meal plans. She first joined the show aged 31, after realising that continual weight gain would interfere with her ability to carry a child.

The reality TV personality’s dreams of becoming a mother ultimately motivated her to keep off the weight, which led her to go down to less than half of her original weight. She is also one of Dr. Now’s biggest supporters as a result.

She lost weight then gained some

Melissa qualified for weight loss surgery, which took place in 2006, and then ten years later, a Where Are They Now? episode showed that the mom-of-three had put on the weight again, to 270 lbs.

The gain mainly came after she gave birth to her children, fulfilling her lifelong dreams of becoming a mother. Then when it was decided that her husband Chris would work, she would stay home and eat when cooking for her kids.

Despite gaining some weight back, she proudly joins the five per cent of Dr. Now’s My 600-lb Life patients who continue to have long-term success after appearing on the TLC show.

Where is the TLC star today?

Melissa went from being a patient to employee, announcing in 2019 that she was working at her “favorite place in the world” — Dr. Now’s office. Last April, she also revealed she was going back to school to study Healthcare Management.

Living in Missouri City, Houston, she currently looks after her three children, and two nephews, which includes Nia, Kore, Allona, Elijah, 11, and Austin, five. The TLC star takes them to church and congratulates them on achievements.

She has also been working with charity Hope, a faith-based mission that aims to give hope and transformation to men all over the US. The star prided herself on keeping off over 80 percent of her weight on Instagram!

Cross fit is also a new hobby being regularly taken up by Melissa, who encouraged anyone living in her hometown to join her for some exercise at the church back in October 2021.



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