Rena Kiser and Lee Sutton are actively “overcoming a life of addiction,” as per the latter’s Facebook bio. The couple appeared on My 600-lb Life together in 2018 and continue their weight-loss journey to this day.

On January 10, 2018 their story aired on the TLC series, which saw them struggling to combat their weight and anger issues together. However, there was a light at the end of the tunnel when Dr Nowzaradan’s help seemed to be working.

Rena’s health complications caused some issues, while Lee became frustrated with the process, but the couple went on to completely turn their lives around.

Meet Rena Kiser and Lee Sutton

Rena and Lee were a couple who visited Dr Now’s Houston-based office for help with losing weight. Rena claimed she “ate for comfort but it built over the years because of how tough my childhood was.”

At their initial weigh-in, Lee weighed 714lb (323kg) and Rena weighed 542lb. She claimed her mom would suffer hallucinations, which scared her, and Rena already weighed 280lb by the time she was 13.

Rena checked into a weight-loss clinic, which is where she met Lee. Her brother was his roommate at the bariatric clinic and, before they knew it, they became a couple – which broke the rules – so they had to leave to be together.

Lee revealed there were eight kids in their family growing up and claimed he suffered abuse that led him to start eating food for comfort as it was what “made him happy.” He was 230lb by the time he was ten.

Their journey on My 600-lb Life

Rena and Lee, who had already been together for 11 years at the time of their TLC debut, were both struggling with their weight. Lee claimed their visit to the clinic hadn’t worked and they kept gaining weight after leaving.

And, despite coming under the care of Dr Now, the doc called Lee – who weighed more than 530lb – out on failing to lose more lbs eight months after weight-loss surgery. Rena was still waiting to be approved for surgery.

Lee admitted they needed to make healthier food choices. They both went to counseling to get to the root of their problems and Dr Now approved Rena for skin removal surgery, which she had to put on hold due to family issues.

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Rena and Lee lost almost half their body weight

During Rena and Lee’s 2019 follow-up episode, it was revealed they had stuck to Dr Now’s diet and each had lost almost half their initial weight. Lee weighed 411lb, while Rena weighed 278lb.

The couple expressed they had plans to get married in the future but, according to Starcasm, they had broken up by October 2019. Their relationship statuses on Facebook currently state they are each in a relationship.

Rena and Lee still have photos of each other on their social media pages. His Facebook bio now states: “A man overcoming a life of addiction. Here’s to living almost a normal life. God bless.”

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If you or someone you know needs support, there are many eating disorder helplines in the UK here to help. Beat can be contacted at 0808 801 0677 while Mind’s contact number is 0300 123 3393. If you are based in the US, you can call NEDA on (800) 931-2237.



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