Many people who go onto My 600lb Life have an incredibly successful experience as they go from morbidly obese, to living a much healthier and sustainable lifestyle, however, this isn’t always the case.

Who remembers Ryan Barkdoll who was featured on season 10 of the show? Despite being given all the tools needed, Ryan’s journey wasn’t a success. Reality Titbit has all the details on Ryan’s My 600lb Life experience as well as an update on where he is now. Check it out.

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Family Reboot | Official Trailer | Disney+

Family Reboot | Official Trailer | Disney+
Ryan Barkdoll Picture: Ryan Gets Caught Breaking His Diet | My 600-lb Life

Ryan’s My 600 lb Life Journey

We were introduced to Ryan when he was 31 years old when he entered the show weighing over 700lbs and came to see Dr Now. He had gotten to the point in his life where he had realised he wasn’t even living life anymore due to his health and mobility problems. 

It had gotten to the point where he couldn’t even get onto his bed and had to live in a recliner chair on disability benefits because he physically couldn’t work.

Although Ryan wanted to become independent and move out of his mom’s house, he recognized that in order to do this he needed to make some drastic changes. He decided to see Dr Now and due to him being too big for surgery, he joined the doctor’s weight loss programme where he had to adhere to a strict 1,200 calorie, no-carb diet.

Where is Ryan now?

Unfortunately, Ryan couldn’t follow Dr Now’s programme despite his family trying to help him. His mom tried to make him delicious and tasty snacks so that he could still enjoy his food, but this didn’t work.

His mother also emptied the entire house of the foods Dr Now had told him to stay away from, but Ryan’s mother was left upset and disappointed when she found out that he had been ordering junk food behind her back.

When the time came for him to move to Houston to follow the programme strictly, Ryan seemed to go off-grid and made excuses as to why he couldn’t do the programme. He made the choice not to communicate with Dr Now which ultimately led him to being kicked off the programme.

In terms of where Ryan is today, he is still living in Columbia Falls, Montana and appears to be doing everything he can to stay out of the limelight.

Not all My 600 lb stories end badly

Who remembers Tammy? After joining the show incredibly overweight, Tammy has managed to lose 150 lbs and often updates fans on YouTube about her weight loss journey. Although her program was interrupted by Covid-19, she got back on track and lost enough lbs to be approved for bariatric surgery.

By the end of her episode, Tammy had lost a total of 126 pounds. She has continued to keep shedding weight since filming wrapped and looks totally different now compared to her initial TLC debut.

She can also now stand up by herself without using her walker, showing just how far she has come since the time she had gotten so big that her daughters and mother had to move home to care for her




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