Michele Caputo featured on the latest episode of My Feet Are Killing Me, but the show shocked viewers with a tribute at the end.

The episode saw Michele visit Dr. Brad Schaeffer over her ‘hammer toe’ after experiencing pain from the bump that began aged four.

According to Medical News Today, a hammertoe is “a toe that has an abnormal bend in its middle joint, making the toe bend downward to look like a hammer.”

During the show she talked about only ever wanting to paint her nails and wear open-toed shoes without any judgement.

My Feet Are Killing Me paid tribute to Michele Caputo at the end of the episode, revealing her passing.

What happened to Michele Caputo?

At the time of writing, Michele’s cause of death is unknown, but son Nick posted a GoFundMe on November 23rd titled ‘Michele Caputo Cremation Expenses’.

“I am still in shock, this all happened unexpectedly. I’ve been calling my mom’s life insurance policies all morning and it turns out there’s not much left. If anyone can donate, even a dollar helps. It would be very much appreciated. If you can’t donate then please just share it around,” he wrote.

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My Feet Are Killing Me fans paid tribute

“Ohhh no 🙁 My heart goes out to Ms. Caputo’s family :(“ tweeted one viewer of the TLC show.

“She was so excited to wear nail polish and show off her feet,” they added.

“I wonder what happened as well. Very sad. She had the black nail polish in her toes right?” added another.

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