From people addicted to butt injections to those eating deodorant and smelling tuna fish on the regular, My Strange Addiction: Still Addicted? revisits some of the stars of the original TLC show, My Strange Addiction. A woman who is addicted to breastfeeding her husband is just one of the stars of the show’s new 2023 spin-off series.

TLC‘s My Strange Addiction: Still Addicted? kicked off its first episode on July 19. Episode 1 revisited a woman addicted to eating toilet paper and another who eats cat hair. As episode 6 arrives, fans get to find out more about a couple whose addiction is “upsetting” their friends and family.

My Strange Addiction’s breastfeeding couple

My Strange Addiction: Still Addicted? episode 6 features married couple Rachel and Alexander Bailey.

The two hail from Florida and feature on the TLC show to talk about their joint “obsession.”

Rachel is addicted to breastfeeding her husband.

Speaking on the show, Alexander explains: “I drink my wife’s breast milk all day every day straight from the source.”

Couple deepens ’emotional bond’

Rachel says that she breastfeeds her husband due to over-lactation.

Because her children don’t drink all her milk, and she doesn’t want to use a breast pump, her husband steps in.

Speaking on My Strange Addiction, Rachel explains: “I just love the physical relief, but the emotional bond is ten times better.”

TLC stars respond to viewers

Responding to My Strange Addiction viewers’ comments, Rachel and Alexander have posted videos to their social media channels.

On August 25, they shared a comedic clip on TikTok of Rachel dancing while Alexander drinks milk from a glass with the words “Them: He nasty for drinking your milk, and Us:” on screen.

Speaking of their TLC show episode, they said: “If it’s not meant for you, we understand.”

He said: “Laugh about it, get mad about it, A lot of people get mad, we’ve seen all the comments and things like that… people asking how do you think your kids are going to feel… I would say let us worry about our kids. Our kids are fine.”


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