90 Day Fiance fans have grown concerned for the welfare of their favourite stars from Ukraine as the Russian invasion continues. However, the stars have provided their worried audience with updates on how they, their families and friends are doing in Ukraine amid the danger.

Keep reading to find out more about how Natalie Mordovtseva, Yara Durfen and Loren’s hubby Alexei are doing as well as their loved ones as they try to cope in their war-torn country.

Put A Ring On It | Trailer | OWN

Put A Ring On It | Trailer | OWN
Natalie Mordovtseva. Picture: Natalie Is Confronted With Reality | 90 Day: The Single Life | discovery+

Natalie updates fans about her mother

Natalie joined the show when she became the fiance of her now-ex Mike Youngquist. The star recently told fans her mother is safe and had managed to leave Ukraine.

The reality TV star and former model posted the update on her Instagram story and, although fans were comforted by hearing her mother was safe, the rest of the post was upsetting. Natalie explained:

My mom is safe from today. She made it to Europe with some other families. Unfortunately, [all my] friends are locked at that hell. Every night they tell me that they are gonna die. I’m suffering with my people.

Natalie Mordovtseva, Instagram

In terms of how Natalie is, she’s safe in Florida and away from the conflict. However, she is suffering too as she continues to worry about her friends and family on the other side of the globe.

Yara Dufren says she is ‘super scared’

Yara is another of the Ukrainian girls on 90 Day Fiance. She came to the US to marry Jovi Dufren, with whom she now has a child.

Yara recently went on Fox News to update her fans and provide an insight into the situation in her home country. During the interview, she said:

I would never think before that in 2022 something can happen like this. My family and my friends are super scared. They’re terrified, they can’t sleep. It’s just too much. They’re going through a lot right now. My mom lives in west [Ukraine], so far away near the Hungarian border. I’m like, ‘Hey guys, you need to leave to my mom’s house because it’s a more safe place for you to be.’ They tried to leave, but there was too big a line to get petrol there. Then the city closed. They needed to stay home.

Yara Durfen, Fox News

The situation is very scary for Yara as her friends and family are in danger as they look for a way to evacuate the city. The reality star explained her family couldn’t come to the US either as the embassies had closed.

Yara explained her mother is safe but her friends and other family haven’t been as lucky. Natalie and Yara may be safe in the US but both are being affected by the situation in their home country.

Loren opens up about how the situation has affected Alexei

Loren recently opened up about how the situation in Ukraine was affecting her husband, Alexei, who grew up in Ukraine.

Alexei lived in Ukraine before he moved to Isreal and Loren said the war had affected him “more than he thought it would”. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she said:

He has family there still [in Ukraine] and he even said, ‘I didn’t think it was going to affect me as much as it did’ – and it’s still affecting him. I don’t want to say the tone in our house has been depressing but it’s been sad, scary.”

Loren Brovarnik, Entertainment Tonight


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