April, Jennifer and Nick Davis are Seeking Sister Wife's 'proud polygamous family'


April, Jennifer and Nick Davis are Seeking Sister Wife's 'proud polygamous family'

TLC is a reality TV channel synonymous with huge shows such as Dr Pimple Popper, Little People, Big World, 90 Day Fiancé, Unexpected and more. The network gives viewers a glimpse into the lives of people in many different circumstances, some are in need of life-changing surgery, others are travelling across the world to meet their online dating match and some are adding a wife to their marriage, such as those on Seeking Sister Wife.

Seeking Sister Wife returns to TLC in 2022 with a brand new season which means there are new families to meet. Some are returning to the show, while others are making their reality TV debut. Seeking Sister Wife season 4 premieres on June 6th, 2022. So, let’s get to know more about the Davis family…

Meet Nick Davis from Seeking Sister Wife

Ready to make his reality TV debut on Seeking Sister Wife is Nick Davis.

He’s not legally married to his wives April and Jennifer, but the throuple are a family on the 2022 season of Seeking Sister Wife.

Nick can be seen in the show’s First Look snippet asking a potential sister wife if she’s even faked an orgasm. The woman replies that “that’s her sacred area“.

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April Davis

April and Jennifer Davis are legally married and they’ve taken Nick’s last name so that they can all be a family together.

During the new season of Seeking Sister Wife, April, Jennifer and Nick are looking to add another wife to their relationship.

April can be found on YouTube where she’s uploaded a trailer for Seeking Sister Wife season 4.

She’s also on Instagram @4scompany_too where she often posts snaps of her polygamous family.

Meet Seeking Sister Wife’s Jennifer

Jennifer is the third member of the growing Davis family. She’s legally married to April and the two have taken Nick’s surname to solidify their polygamous relationship.

The TLC stars can be found with a joint family IG page – @the.davis.family_official.page.

Nick is also on Instagram with his own page, but his is set to private @nicky2times_twotimes.

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Screenshot: First Look: This Season on Seeking Sister Wife – TLC YouTube



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