Former Little People Big World star Molly Roloff left the show silently to pursue a life out of the spotlight, but that hasn’t stopped some fans from spreading news of baby rumors.

Now 24 seasons deep, TLC’s Little People Big World has become an iconic staple of the reality TV world. So it’s no surprise that some long-term fans of the show feel like they know the likes of Matt Roloff better than they know members of their families.

While the likes of Matt and Zach Roloff continue to soak up the limelight, not every member of the Roloff family has opted to remain in the public eye in 2023.

Molly Roloff, who appeared on Little People Big World back in 2019, has retreated to a life away from the cameras – and fans want to know who her husband is, whether or not she has children, and what she does for a living now.

No baby news from Molly Roloff

Central stars of the show like Amy Rollof like to regularly keep Little People Big World fans abreast of any life updates on Instagram, but Molly opts for a more secluded approach to social media.

Though there does appear to be an Instagram account in her name, the page is private and boasts just 199 followers.

Following the subtle withdrawal of her involvement in the show, Molly has kept her personal life private and there has never been any official news of a baby from herself or any other members of the Roloff family.

As TV Spoilers reported in April 2022, there was some minor confusion online after a fan asked when Molly was due to give birth, though it was later confirmed that it was in fact Tori Roloff who was pregnant.

What does Molly Roloff do for a living now?

After Amy expressed her delight about Molly graduating from college back in 2016 and jumping into the world of full-time work soon after, a glimpse into her LinkedIn page shows Molly has been working hard ever since.

According to her page, Molly now works as a Senior Accountant at the department store chain Nordstrom, a position she has held since June 2021.

While we know little about her personal life, news of her marriage to Joel Silvius was shared on Instagram by Matt back in 2017, who described the ceremony as “a magical ferry-tail wedding for 2 incredible people”.

Molly and Joel joined the property ladder together in 2019 and were commended by Zach who celebrated the couple’s big move to Spokane, Washington.

Molly is still as close to her family as ever

Though she seldom appears on the show, it looks like relations between Molly and the rest of the Roloff family are, thankfully, still going strong.

Molly and Joel have been spotted spending time with other members of the Roloff family as recently as January 2023, when Matt shared pictures of family farm project online.

“Thank you to all those (including Molly and Joel) who have come to be our Guests. We’re getting great feedback,” wrote Matt, as he thanked the former reality star for visiting.

Matt also shared an adorable picture of himself and Molly last summer, as he informed his 780,000 followers of how he had journeyed to Spokane to visit his “beautiful daughter”.

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