Patrick Macon shares his story on season 11, episode 8 of TLC’s My 600-lb Life, and hopes to achieve his weight loss goal with the help of Dr.Now, but what happened to Patrick after the show?

In Patrick’s My 600-lb Life episode, he reveals that he has multiple medical issues including diabetes and sleep apnea. This leads to a tough visit to Dr.Now’s office for Patrick who is told his body is heading toward a ‘breaking point.’

We take a closer look into where Patrick is now, after the TLC show.

Who is Patrick Macon from My 600-lb Life?

Patrick Macon is 42 years old and hails from Columbus, Georgia.

He’s a father to an 18-year-old daughter, who is one of the main reasons he wants to lose weight, along with his wife Amanda. We heard a similar story last week with Chris P and his daughter.

At the start of the episode, Patrick weighs 657 pounds, and his weight has started to affect him in everyday life. In the episode, he confesses that he’s surprised to be alive as ‘his weight is killing him.’

Dr.Now shows Patrick tough love in his weight loss journey

In Patrick’s episode, we may see a slightly different side to Dr Now, who seems to get quite frustrated as he feels Patrick isn’t taking the program seriously.

The My 600 lb Life star tried to claim his weight gain on the flu, to which Dr.Now told him to ‘make a better story’ and that there was ‘no magic to save him.’

However, despite the challenging start, Patrick did qualify for bariatric surgery by the end of the My 600-lb Life episode, although, it’s unclear how his journey has been going since and what has happened in his weight loss journey.

Dr Now speaking to patrick and his wife amanda my 600 lb Life
Credit: My 600 lb Life/TLC Twitter

Where is Patrick now?

Unfortunately, Patrick and his wife have shared a tragic update on their Facebook pages since the show aired, as he has been diagnosed with either gallbladder or bile duct cancer.

Taking to her Facebook page on February 1, Amanda shared an image about Gallbladder and Bile Duct Cancer Awareness Month. In the caption, she tagged Patrick and wrote: “You are not alone babe! You have an army behind you! We love you.”

As of the time of writing, no further update has been shared on Patrick’s condition. We send Patrick and his family our thoughts and love.


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