Rishi and Jen on 90 Day Fiance’s ages are the talk among TLC viewers as the two plan to get married. It comes after Jen admitted she wants to abstain from sleeping with Rishi until marriage, while his parents want him to wed.

Jen Boecher and Rishi Singh made their 90 Day Fiance debut on The Other Way spin-off this season. Rishi is facing pressure from his family to tie the knot, but Jen has expressed her fears about settling down.

Despite their issues, Rishi is the youngest of the couple, leading viewers to ask what their ages are. Their age gap has been a topic of controversy among fans, who have compared them to co-stars Debbie and Oussama.

Rishi and Jen on 90 Day Fiance

Rishi and Jen met in person for 45 days before the question to get married popped. Jen left India as an engaged woman and planned to move from Stilwell, Oklahoma, to live with Rishi full-time.

The nomad, who had lived on a farm with her family, met him at a hotel lobby during a solo trip to India. She dubbed the model a “douchebag” during their first encounter, but after they met a few more times, she fell in love.

However, Jen couldn’t move in with Rishi for two years due to the covid-19 pandemic. Rishi kept his engagement with Jen a secret from his family but had no idea his mother was trying to find him a wife.

Their age difference

Rishi and Jen have a 14-year age gap. He is currently 32 years old while Jen is 46. They gave been engaged for over two years now but Jen says that she wants to remain celibate until they tie the knot.

Jen met Rishi’s family years back and was simply introduced as a friend of Rishi’s. Viewers have been discussing the age gap between the 90 Day Fiance couple as they share their love story on TLC.

One Reddit user wrote:

Jen and Rishi’s 46 and 32 not a huge age issue. It’s her being in love 🥰 with him that’s the problem. He echoes her words and play the game for a while. He is engaged to her. Indian families are sending their daughters to his family.

Another said: “I think the age will be an issue for his family. At her age, she is unlikely to want to have kids with him and I didn’t think she wants to move in with his extended family to take over for his mom as cook and housekeeper.

“His mom and uncle made clear in this week’s episode that this is why they think it’s “time” for him to get married.”

The Other Way: Rishi and Jen plan marriage

Rishi and Jen have been planning to get married for years. However, Rishi’s family still doesn’t know he has a fiancée or even a girlfriend, and are trying to set him up with an arranged marriage.

Jen has no idea about Rishi’s family’s plans but has firmly said she won’t meet his parents until he spills about their two-year engagement. She told Rishi she was not up for pretending she was just a “friend.”



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