Schenee Murry signed up for TLC show My 600-lb Life in the hope of losing weight through gastric bypass surgery – but things didn’t go to plan.

She was 712lbs when she went to Dr Nowzaradan – affectionately known as Dr Now – and his team for help.

The doctor became increasingly concerned and frustrated as Schenee gained weight rather than losing enough to safely have the surgery.

And things got a little heated between them when he found pizza boxes and fast food wrappers in trash cans around the hospital, although she denied she had eaten the food.

After missing appointments and blocking Dr Now’s number, here’s what went down and what she’s been up to since…

Schenee lies in her hospital bed in a scene from My 600lb Life
Schenee lies in her hospital bed in a scene from My 600lb Life Credit: TLC

What happened to Schenee on My 600lb Life

Schenee appeared on the sixth season of the show in 2018 and had a bit of a rough time with it.

In one clip, Dr Now told the cameras Schenee had turned up at the hospital claiming she was suffering from stomach pain.

Doctors ran tests but found nothing, and Dr Now said he believed Schenee was making it up and that he also discovered she was taking water pills to try and lose weight.

He was worried that she was taking “five times the safe amount”, and also confronted her in her hospital bed with a pizza box he’d found.

She claimed it was her husband Freddy’s and the doctor told her: “The lying has to stop.”

When the doctor said Schenee hadn’t lost any weight in four months after going to the hospital for weight loss surgery, she claimed she had “water weight”.

Schenee talks to Dr Now while lying in her hospital bed in a scene from My 600lb Life
Schenee talks to Dr Now while lying in her hospital bed in a scene from My 600lb Life Credit: TLC

“You should have lost 130lb by now,” he said, while blasting her for “eating junk” that he said she was “smart enough” to throw away in someone else’s trash can.

“There’s nothing more we can do if you don’t change your eating habits,” Dr Now said.

A tearful Schenee insisted she’d been “working hard” to lose weight.

Things got pretty heated and Schenee got very emotional.

He told her she was going on a controlled diet and that they’d be “done” if she sneakily ate any food she shouldn’t be having.


Seven months into her journey, Schenee headed to the hospital to apologize to Dr Now following an “aggravated phone call”.

He told her not to worry about his feelings and that getting her healthy is what would mean most to him.

Dr Now said Schenee had gained weight and that there was “no excuse” for her lack of progress.

At the month eight mark of her journey, Schenee stopped participating in filming and failed to attend her next appointment with the doctor.

The show stated she had blocked Dr Now’s number to prevent him from contacting her.

She was dropped from the weight loss program after failing to lose any weight and gaining pounds instead.

Dr Now said: “I wish Schenee well and hope for the best outcome for her and that she makes the changes she needs before it’s too late.”

What Schenee is doing now

Following the show, Schenee had been quite active on Instagram, although sadly she was repeatedly targeted by trolls on the platform who left mean comments under her pictures.

She hasn’t posted on her account since June 2020.

Schenee is much more active on her YouTube account called Only Got One Lyfe to live so live it Loyal.

She regularly streams on her page, with the most recent video posted just a few days ago.

She describes her account as “a mixture of all types of entertainment drama,laughing,pranks,mukbangs, weightloss or gain, life challenges, real life stories time,etc.”

Some of Schenee’s videos see her showing off gifts sent to her by her subscribers.

In December 2018, Schenee started a GoFundMe page, which is now blank except for a photograph and the words “Join the fight for team schenee”.

Looper reports she was raising money to aid her weight loss and other health problems and that she claimed she’d lost 259lbs.


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