TLC’s My 600-Lb Life sees people who want to totally transform their lives after hitting 600 lbs or more. The cast members on the show receive help from Texas-based doctor, Dr Younan Nowzaradan, who specialises in bariatric surgery.

My 600-Lb Life sees lots of people have major success stories going from being unemployed and unable to take care of their families to losing weight and beginning to live a life that they enjoy. Here’s an update on what happened to Sean from My 600-Lb Life.

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Screenshot: Dr Now Losing His Cool With Patients I My 600-lb Life

Sean appeared on My 600-Lb Life in 2016

Sean Milliken appeared on My 600-Lb Life during season 4.

Season 4 episode 11 saw Sean weighing almost 1000 pounds. He moved to Houston for weight loss surgery with Dr Nowzaradan.

Reneé, Sean’s mother, had to care for him and expressed that he “had gotten so big” that she needed assistance cleaning him.

Sean was immobile and said that almost any movement was painful.

Sean lost weight on the TLC show

During My 600-Lb Life, Sean established that his eating problem stemmed from his relationship with his father and by the time he was nine years old he weighed around 150 lbs. He said that he kept turning to food to deal with his feelings.

After moving to Houston to receive the help of Dr Now, Sean had gastric bypass surgery and lost over 450 lbs.

‘My 600-lb Life’ participant Sean Milliken dead at 29By Christine Burroni February 19, 2019 | 3:28pmSean Milliken in …

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In 2019, Sean Milliken passed away

Sean Milliken passed away in 2019 at 29 years of age. He died from cardiac arrest resulting from an infection.

The last time TLC viewers got to see Sean was when the network caught up with him in 2018. His mother had passed away, but despite this, he said that he was still wanting to live a healthier and happier life.

As per Looper, when Sean started his third year on Dr Now’s program, he weighed under 500 lbs but following the death of his mother, he began gaining weight.



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