Savanah Brown has appeared on TLC show Sister Wives for the majority of her life. She is one of the younger members of the Brown family.

Janelle and Kody Brown are Savanah’s parents but they’re all part of a much bigger family as Kody, Janelle, Meri, and Robyn are polygamous.

In total, Kody has 18 children and had four wives as, until recently, Christine Brown was also one of Kody’s spiritual wives. However, the current season of Sister Wives in 2022 sees her departure from the marriage.

Savanah has fans saying she’s the image of her mother, while others loved to see her “bond” with her half-sister, Truely Brown, on the show.

Savanah on Sister Wives

Sister Wives star Savanah is 18 years old. She is one of the younger members of the Brown family. Her siblings are Madison, Logan, Gabriel, Garrison and Hunter. Savanah is the youngest of Janelle and Kody’s children.

She also has 12 half-siblings – Aspyn, Mykelti, Leon, Paedon, Dayton, Gwendlyn, Aurora, Ysabel, Breanna, Truely, Solomon and Ariella.

Sister Wives fans say Savanah Brown looks like her mom

Savanah Brown has been starring on the TLC show since 2010, when she was just six years old. Given she’s a reality TV star, it’s no wonder Savanah has an Instagram following of almost 20,000.

Many of Savanah’s followers take to the comments section of her posts to compliment her on her beauty.

One person wrote on Savanah’s IG post: “You look like your momma, pretty.”

Another commented: “I love this quote! I can’t believe how grown up you are! So lovely, just like your momma.”

Fans also take to Janelle’s Instagram posts to comment on her daughter. One wrote: “She takes after her mama; she has a sense of calmness about her and she’s beautiful.”

Savanah and Truely ‘bond’ in season 17

Sister Wives viewers are clearly big fans of Janelle and Savanah getting air time on the show. Many took to Twitter to comment on how nice it was to see Savanah and Christine’s daughter Truely spending time together on Sister Wives in 2022.

One fan tweeted: “I love how Janelle and Savannah had Truely stay over. All three in a camper and yet Kody says he isn’t sure how she’ll fit into Robyn’s huge house.”

Another said: “Truely having a sleepover with Savannah. So cute.”



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