There’s a lot of drama going on in Sister Wives‘ after Kody Brown’s spiritual marriage to Christine broke down, and now the patriarch is claiming he wants to be closer to Janelle.

The new season shows the aftermath of Christine and Kody’s separation after 25 years together. As Christine leaves the house and moves to Utah, Kody hopes to grow closer with Janelle.

However, her recent friendship and connection with Sister Wife Christine brought tension between the couple. Janelle and Kody have been ‘spiritually married’ since 1993.

In the preview for next week’s episode, Janelle and Kody are back at it again as their differences start another argument. It comes after he suggests she purchase Christine’s old house – which she completely disagrees with.

Janelle is siding with Christine despite Kody ‘begging’ for closure

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Now that Christine has left Kody’s life for good, the 53-year-old is looking to rely on his fourth ‘wife’, Janelle.

“I’m begging Janelle for a closer relationship,” Kody says in the confessional. “I feel like she’s rejecting that and choosing to have one with Christine.”

He claims she hasn’t been comforting him, and instead took Christine’s side after their split.

Janelle tells Christine she was put in an awkward position and says: “I don’t know how to not be on a side or be perceived as being on a side.”

As the episode continues, Janelle and Kody continue to have tension over her living situation. The distance between the family brings awkwardness and makes it harder to say goodbye to Christine on the day of her move to Utah.

Janelle also ends up leaving the house and moving to the RV they purchased with her children.

Fans rush to defend Janelle and call out Kody

Christine and Janelle, are now friends beyond them previously being Sister Wives. Despite Kody being spiritually linked to Meri and Janelle, and legally married to Robyn, the relationships were put to the test shortly after announcing his split from Christine.

Viewers were disappointed with Kody’s attitude towards his wives, and his plans to buy Christine’s old house.

Many argued Kody didn’t know what to do after seeing everyone siding with Christine, as he confessed the drama caused more pressure on his relationships.

What happened to Kody and Christine’s ‘marriage’?

Christine tells the rest of the Sister Wives that she's leaving after her split from Kody
Screenshot from TLC’s YouTube: Christine Tells the Rest of the Family That She’s Leaving | Sister Wives

Kody met Christine in 1990. At the time, he recently married his first and legal wife, Meri. Christine was 18 when she became interested in Kody. After years of friendship, they pursued a relationship and have been together for 25 years.

Together, Kody and Christine have six children: daughters Aspyn, Mykelti, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, Truely, and son Paedon. However, Kody has a ‘spiritual’ marriage and children with three other ‘wives’. But, their lifestyle is not breaking the law as he is only legally married to one spouse.

In November 2021, Christine announced her split via Instagram from Kody after 25 years together. The news of their separation came during Sister Wives’ 16th season. The new season, which premiered in September, shows how the family deals with the fallout.

It comes after Christine confessed that she wanted to be loved “emotionally, physically, and mentally” by her partner, which became harder over the years, she claimed.

But don’t worry fans, Christine is not planning to leave the show despite her split with Kody.



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