Sister Wives' Meri Brown pays tribute to mom she tragically lost last year
Screenshot: Meri Recalls Her Catfishing Nightmare | Sister Wives

Sister Wives' Meri Brown pays tribute to mom she tragically lost last year

It’s been confirmed that Sister Wives is set to return for a seventeenth season in 2023. The Brown family endured some turbulent times in season 16 and so things may be a little different in the show’s next season. Christine Brown, who has now split from Kody, also has her own series on TLC – Cooking With Just Christine.

Although the dynamic may change due to Kody and Christine’s break up, the rest of the wives, Janelle, Robyn and Meri, still continue in a polygamous relationship on Sister Wives. Meri Brown has been a cast member on TLC’s Sister Wives for over a decade and viewers have become well-acquainted with her and her family.

First Look: New Season of Sister Wives!

First Look: New Season of Sister Wives!

Sister Wives’ Meri loses her mother in 2021

On March 26th, 2021, Sister Wives star Meri Brown lost her mother, Bonnie Ahlstrom, when she died suddenly at the age of 76.

In an Instagram post that Meri published at the time, she wrote: “76 years and 17 days was not enough time for the world to feel the beautiful spirit of this beautiful woman…

Sister Wives viewers may remember that Meri’s mother appeared on the TLC series from time to time and the two often spent time together whenever they could.

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Sister Wives star tragically dies

Since Bonnie’s death, Meri has posted multiple times in relation to her mother.

On Mother’s Day 2022, Meri Brown took to Instagram to pay tribute to her late mother.

Meri’s Instagram post included a caption reading: “One year today. One year of missing her. One year of cherishing memories… This weekend I spend honoring and remembering her, surrounded by some of my favorite people, in a beautiful space on the Oregon coast…“.

The month of March may be a difficult one for Meri as the 9th marked her mother’s birthday. Meri posted to Instagram on Bonnie’s birthday, too and said that she was: “Remembering her and holding her in my heart today.”

Sister Wives: Who was Bonnie Ahlstrom?

As well as being Meri’s mother and a guest cast member on Sister Wives, Bonnie Ahlstrom also worked as an innkeeper at Lizzie Heritage Inn in Utah as per Cheat Sheet.

Bonnie died unexpectedly at 76 years old and it’s clear to see that Meri misses her mother all the time.

Meri wasn’t alone in her grief of her mother passing in 2021 as her sister wife Janelle also lost her mother in December 2020. Janelle’s mother, Sheryl, also passed at the age of 76.

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