sMothered star Sunhe undergoes cancer biopsy: Episode 8's cliffhanger explored

sMothered fans are searching for answers, as we were left with many questions regarding Sunhe’s health after the eighth episode. 

A brand new season of sMothered returned to TLC on Sunday, May 24th and its proven more explosive than the last.

The show follows mothers and daughters whose bond goes above and beyond the usual. There’s Brittani and Mary, who shower together; Kathy and Cristina, who barely spend time apart; then there’s Sunhe and Angelica, who are so close they often sleep in the same bed. Sunhe and Angelica appeared in the first season and have returned to reprise their starring roles in the second.

In episode 8 (Sunday, July 12th), Sunhe was headed to the doctor’s office, as she was fearful a lump in her breast might be breast cancer. It left viewers fearful for the sMothered star’s health.

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Sunhe addresses her health concerns

In episode 7 (Sunday, July 5th), Sunhe first made Angelica aware of her health concerns.

Sunhe explained that she was worried about the lump in her breast. Two years ago, a doctor said she should not worry about it unless it got bigger, and it has.


Sunhe is worried that it is cancer. Frustrated and scared, Sunhe headed to the doctors in the eighth episode for a biopsy.

Sunhe undergoes cancer biopsy

The eighth episode ends with Sunhe undergoing her biopsy to check for breast cancer. But the episode was left on a cliffhanger, as they did not reveal the results of the biopsy. This is likely to come in episode 9 (July 19th).

There were tears in the doctors office, as Angelica said: “You’ve always been there for me, let me be there for you.” Sunhe responded: “I’m so scared.”

Sunhe continued to say, “Angelica is my whole life, she is every love song that I hear…I just don’t want to leave her behind,” leaving viewers in tears.

Some cruel viewers on Twitter and Instagram questioned whether Sunhe actually was going through a cancer scare, but Sunhe shut down any of those theorists. Sunhe responded to a critic who claimed she was making her health scare up on Instagram: “For you to even assume something so egregious speaks volumes about you. Be well…”

While we don’t have news as of yet whether the lump is cancerous, Sunhe has been thanking her supportive viewers’ well wishes. We wish Sunhe a speedy recovery and healthy 2020.

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