Tammy joins My 600-lb Life success list with unreal 150 pound weight loss
Screenshot: Tammy Is 400 Pounds Overweight | My 600-lb Life, TLC YouTube

Tammy joins My 600-lb Life success list with unreal 150 pound weight loss

Tammy Patton has joined the line-up of My 600-lb Life success stories. She announced her loss of 150 lbs and continues to adopt a healthier lifestyle since her initial appointment with TLC’s Dr. Now.

She decided to improve her life when it became difficult to do daily tasks, weighing at around 600 pounds. Being a 41-year-old grandmother meant that she no longer wanted to rely on her mother and daughters for assistance.

When entering Dr. Now’s office, she was faced with a terrifying statement. He told her that her BMI of nearly 100 gave her a life expectancy of just nine more years – but she wanted to be around for far longer for her grandkids.

Since then, Tammy has kept up her healthier lifestyle and has been sharing regular updates with her fans. From dropping 150 lbs to regularly working out, she’s a whole new woman – and not just physically!

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Tammy’s My 600-lb Life story

Tammy wanted to change her life so she could be there for her grandkids and family. She hovered around 600 pounds when she had her first weigh-in, but it wasn’t the first time she had tried to lose weight.

From a couple of diets to not eating as much – or just trying salads – nothing had worked for her. She was then declared 400 pounds overweight, after Dr. Now revealed she can stick to good habits long term.

She revealed that habit is what drove her to eat, which both Tammy and Dr. Now agreed there was no excuse for. He gave her a roadmap of what to do and not to do, but stated it’s her choice whether she follows it or not.

He suggested that weight loss surgery would be what Tammy needs to get healthier in the long run. Due to her being 5 ft 5 (165 cm) and having a BMI of 100, she was told that her weight is “very dangerous” for her by Dr. Now.

Her weight loss journey

Tammy has managed to lose 150 lbs and often updates fans on YouTube about her weight loss journey. Although her program was interrupted by Covid-19, she got back on track and lost enough lbs to be approved for bariatric surgery.

By the end of her episode, Tammy had lost a total of 126 pounds. She has continued to keep shedding weight since filming wrapped and looks totally different now compared to her initial TLC debut.

She can also now stand up by herself without using her walker, showing just how far she has come since the time she had gotten so big that her daughters and mother had to move home to care for her.

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Where is Tammy now?

The TLC star has officially been approved for weight loss surgery, and revealed at the end of March 2022 that she has reached three weeks post-op. She said on Facebook that she is currently sticking to full liquids and soft-blended soups.

Tammy’s pledge to be there for her family was her ultimate goal, and she has done just that. She often visits the park or restaurants with her daughters and grandkids – a long way from her previous struggle to do general daily tasks.

She recently uploaded a video detailing why she chooses to have bariatric surgery, almost a year after her ‘how to eat to live’ video that saw her motivate others to lose weight if they wish to.



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