Tammy Slaton has revealed that she can finally sit in a car seat after shedding several hundred pounds in a massive weight loss transformation.

Tammy has upgraded her life as not only has she shed weight but she is now married to her husband, Caleb Willingham’ after his proposal left her speechless in 2022. Whilst things aren’t going as swimmingly for sister Amy Slaton who is set to divorce her husband Michael Halterman.

Let’s take a look at Tammy’s most recent milestone as fans have been left emotional after she revealed she can now sit in a car seat again.

Tammy Slaton speaks to camera wearing green t shirt
Credit: TLC Australia/1000-lb Sisters

Tammy Slaton can finally fit in a car seat after shedding weight

Not only are fans able to see Tammy and Amy’s weight loss journey on the series but they also keep them updated via Instagram.

Tammy debuted a whole new look in 2023, not only has she dyed her hair and had her nails done but she has shed even more weight.

That’s right, Tammy has dropped more than 13 stone and is now able to fit in a car seat comfortably. In a video that was posted to her TikTok account on Sunday, March 12, the 36-year-old flexed her slim figure in the vehicle.

Whilst Slaton had previously weighed 717 pounds, after attending a rehabilitation center in Ohio she lost nearly 200 pounds. She first showed off her weight loss in December 2022, after revealing that she had finally qualified for weight loss surgery during an episode of the TLC program 1000-lb Sisters; as she weighs just 534 pounds.

Tammy Slaton gets her tracheostomy removed

As a result of her weight loss, it also appears as though Tammy has had her tracheostomy removed. Judging from Slaton’s most recent Instagram post in March 2023, she no longer needs the tube, which was originally inserted into the trachea in order to help her lungs fill with air.

Many fans wondered why Tammy had a trach fitted and it was all revealed in 1000-Lb Sisters, season 3. We saw that Tammy suffered from oxygen poisoning, which meant she need a tracheostomy to help her.

Fans applaud Tammy’s recent weight loss

The TLC star’s hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed by her fans, many have taken to social media to congratulate the star following her weight loss.


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